Friday, September 14, 2012

Daily Farm Update... Walnuts

Friday Sept. 14, 2012

Even with all the drought and high temperatures the walnut trees are loaded. I have no idea if they are filled out or not but it amazes me that they didn't drop their fruit. Now if we can just beat the squirrel to them. The pecans did not fare so well and I think they will be scarce this year in our area. Since Missouri is a major pecan supplier that equals higher prices in the store I bet. I am thankful I still have a healthy stash in the freezer and I think I will be careful how fast I use them. It will be a long time until next pecan harvest so I guess I will have to save plenty of walnuts instead.

Finished my pickled watermelon rinds today. 

And on a positive note we will have apples this year. We have held our breath to see if they would remain on the tree through the drought to ripen. The apples are small but indeed we do have an apple harvest.

Blessings from The Holler

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  1. How many kinds of fruit/nut trees do you have? How many were on the land when you moved there and how many did you plant? You all seem to be able to grow more things than we can in the Pacific Northwest. My youngest graduates in 7 years and our plan is to move out of Washington to somewhere in your half of the USA.

  2. That's funny because most of the pecan trees in Louisiana seem to be set for a bumper crop this year.

    Have a blessed weekend! ♥

  3. We picked up lots of pecans. The squirrels and other critters did too. I thought I had found some good ones late in the season and started "squirreling" them away. Decided to crack one...the animals were smarter than goodies inside.

    Walnuts are looking good and so are pecans. I guess they have deeeeeep roots in this valley.


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