Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Still Freezing

Tuesday July 24, 2012
We continue to harvest despite the drought. Okra native to Africa seems to actually thrive in this heat. You can tell the crops that originate and thrive in those hotter climates. The sweet potatoes, field peas and okra are just continuing to grow. We are harvesting okra everyday now and blanching and freezing small batches as we go. We may not be picking bushels but that freezer and pantry are filling never the less. 

The red beans are done. I shelled all day yesterday and they froze over night after being blanched. We are up to 20 bags in the freezer which is great since I have a good 10 bags left from last year that will need to be used first. Believe it or not they were still blooming but we pulled them up to make way for the next crop of something. Now to move on to the field peas. 

Like okra the squash just keep on going. We have been supplementing water every other day though.  I think those squash plants have had every kind of garden pest known to man at this point. The newest is squash bugs. Lets see we started out with blister beetles, then cucumber beetles and now squash bugs and a few aphids as well. I also am starting to see a few white flies I think. They are still going though. I have some other newer plants planted away from them so I will let these go until  they expire or are eaten. Hopefully the bugs will let everything else alone. I am still freezing 4 or 5 bags every other day though. 

The roaster is full of tomatoes cooking down again back in the laundry room. Hopefully another batch or two of tomato sauce. Also have about 10 bags of tomatoes frozen in the freezer to be processed. 

Grass fires off in the distance today had everyone a little nervous. I think they have it out now for the most part with only one home and a couple out buildings lost. Unsure how many acres burned. Too busy canning to go find out : )

Blessings from The Holler

The Canned Quilter


  1. Everything looks so good! We are putting up okra and tons of hot peppers right now:)
    So very glad you are not part of the fires and that they seem somewhat contained. Have a blessed day.

  2. As long as the fire stays away!
    Thanks for the tips on hot weather planting, CQ. :o)

  3. I'm canning like crazy and it looks like you've been just as busy. I hope the fires are put out soon.

  4. You keep your tomato skins on when making sauce? Please let me know your process.

    1. Yes I just run my stick mixer through them that has a blade attachment. It just kind of purees them and you can't even tell they are there. I did a tutorial last week on it.

  5. Just peaking around at your garden posts. What do you do about the squash bugs? Also vine borers just destroyed my squash plants last year. Squash is one of my favorite summer foods and I didn't get a one. Hoping to pull it off this year. Just thought I would check to see if you have any "tried and trues" for dealing with bugs that favor squash plans. Thanks!


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