Wednesday, July 25, 2012


O Wise One was curious on the ride home from the post office today. He wanted to know what the corn looked like in the large commercial farmer's fields along the roads. As most of you know we live in Northern Missouri. The land of farms, windmills, white clapboard farmhouses, gravel roads and corn, wheat and soy beans and did I mention CORN. He stopped and picked an ear to see what it looked like. Most of the stalks had no ears at all. He did find the one pictured above. Notice how few kernels are on the ear. 

This is what field corn ears are supposed to look like properly filled out.

Hundreds of thousands of acres of corn

Same with soybeans

Now intermixed with all this grain you will find a few small family farms sprinkled here and there. And a few pastures with small herds of cattle.  And occasionally a hog farm. 

But initially the area is pretty well dominated by corn, soybeans and wheat. 

Makes you wonder what will happen in the future doesn't it!

Blessings from The Holler

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  1. Great pictures and that corn just looks pathetic.

    It does make you wonder.

    btw, love the new header on the colors on your blog. Just now seeing it due to not having a computer (both bit the dust at the same time and could not be repaired).

  2. It looks pretty much the same way in Mid-Missouri too!
    Sad isn't it?

  3. Hi from the southern Appalachians...and many thanks for all your postings about your life and work. I appreciated today's pictures of your mid-western farm land...though it isn't exactly in an enjoyable state right now. Having grown up in TX and MO, I miss having horizons that go on forever. But not enough to leave my lovely adopted blue mountains.
    Barb at Alchemy of Clay

    1. Although I now call Missouri my home I was born in your neck of the woods. Gilmer County Georgia and indeed those mountains can be god's country.

  4. I'm worried about the price of chicken feed this fall and winter. Everything will go up and yes, it does make you wonder, and worry.

    1. You can bet with the price of hay and grain this year we will be going through the winter with as few livestock animals as possible :)

  5. I worry a lot about what the future will bring.
    And hope to learn from you and others in blog land so that I can soften the blow for us.
    *hugs* ♥

  6. Our local CBS channel just did a report about how many area dairy farms are concerned they may go under because of the cost of feed this winter. These are small, family owned business, and there are so few of them left in this area.

    In case you were wondering, I live in Connecticut.


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