Monday, July 2, 2012

Daily Farm Journal

Monday night July 02, 2012

Haven't posted since Sunday night due to a lapse in internet service. Seems we had a power outage and when the power came back up on Sunday the internet did not. I missed you all and your comments but was able to work on my canning lots.

3 batches of freezer slaw in the freezer.

Picked corn this evening and will can tomorrow. We will be pulling up the stalks in the morning and giving any remaining ears to the chickens and pigs. The stalks will go into the compost after O Wise One takes the machete to them and chops them up.   

Nice big batch of tomatoes picked. I froze them until I get enough for a large cooking. 

Once the corn is completed we will start working on pulling onions and freezing.

For all of you that offered up prayers for Gypsy she is so much better. She has been sleeping under the vaporizer and not allowed to go out in the heat at all other than to use the bathroom and come back in. Still on antibiotics but breathing so much better. I get so attached to those dogs.

Still no rain and we have started putting extra mulch on the gardens to try to hold in as much moisture as possible when we do water.

Blessings from The Holler

The Canned Quilter


  1. It looks like a cabbage looper on your broccoli. How do you treat them? Our poor broccoli plants can hardly put on a leaf even with daily picking of them off. I've ordered some of the bt bacteria, but am hesitant to use it. Glad the puppy is doing better!

  2. So glad to hear Gypsy is feeling better. Praying for rain here. It wasn't over a 100 today which feels like we have a cold front come through..not really. I can take the cooler weather. Hope you get some rain also...vera

  3. I'm new at raising chickens and am wondering what kind of scraps you can give them. My chicks are about 10 weeks old. Do they eat peelings? corn cobs? what exactly? Appreciate your help! Love your garden.

    1. I give my chickens rice and spaghetti, potato peelings and trimmings off of vegetables such as celery or carrot tops. I give them my corn cobs and they peck off any kernels remaining and love overripe or bruised fruit, love melon rinds. I do not give my chickens meat or oily food. Many green weeds I pull out of the garden I throw to the chickens and they eat the green leaves from them. Weeds such as purslane are high in Omega 3 and make eggs rich in Omega 3.


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