Saturday, June 30, 2012

Daily Farm Journal

Saturday night June 30th, 2012

Picked crookneck squash today as well as tomatoes. They are ripening fast in this heat.

We are getting up at 4:30 and turning on sprinklers in the gardens. We turn them off by 8:00 am to allow it to dry before the heat of the day to prevent sun scalding. We rotate them everyday between the different gardens and fruit trees. It is not the same as rain but we are hoping it will atleast keep everything alive until the rains come.

In a drought mulch makes a HUGE difference!!

Picked broccoli side shoots and got a nice bowl full to blanch.

Corn is almost ready! Maybe corn on the cob for the 4th of July. 

We ate our first bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches today. They were WONDERFUL : )

Field Peas are blooming

Sweet Potatoes are running like mad. LOVING this heat.

Cantaloupe, butternut squash, cucumbers and okra  are blooming. 

My fridge is full of fresh cabbage, cucumber and tomato salad and coleslaw as well as fresh broccoli for dipping in homemade ranch dip and a noodle salad with olives, cucumbers, tomatoes and squash. All these salads are wonderful in this heat and we just kind of graze on cool salads at meals as opposed to large hot meals.  We have also been enjoying baked potatoes regularly from our fresh potatoes and looking forward to that corn. 

Our blessings are bountiful right now and we are thankful for the continued harvest especially when so many of our neighbors gardens are ruined.   

We are off to the 4th of July celebration in town tonight. BBQ, homemade ice cream, baby contest and local talent show. We will be doing lots of visiting with the neighbors. Lots of things going on ending with a fireworks display at dusk.  

Baby O has her quilt waiting by the door with a cooler full of sodas. The teens usually all spread out on blankets and visit and picnic. 

Hoping everyone has a safe and cool weekend.

Blessings from The Holler

The Canned Quilter


  1. I know what you mean about the heat and no rain, our garden is about done. I love the pic of the berries, they look so good. My thornless blackberries did not do much this year, im needing to cut them back and maybe move them for next year. Your harvest is definitely full, congrats on much success.

    1. Our harvest was light last year after a very hard winter with alot of winter kill but this year they are loaded so far! Hoping to be able to continue to water them and get a harvest in this heat : )

  2. Our blackberries produced more than ever this year...until the heat hit them. We've harvested all we really need so we're not too upset but I would've loved to have had enough to share with others. I just posted about it here, along with a great blackberry recipe if you are interested:
    I've been canning tomatoes & picking cukes for weeks now--amazingly early. I decided to pull all but one zuke and one yellow squash plant this morning--we just have enough! After a very early start on our green beans this year, they're starting to show signs of heat--again, we've gotten plenty so I'm not real upset. Have pulled all our onions and will be getting them in the freezer in the next couple days; also plan on digging all of the potatoes, soon as well. Amazing to get so much done so early but I think it will leave me with some wonderful time to rest before the fall crops!

    1. Like you I already have tomatoes and picking corn before the 4th of July. I still have my onions to put in the freezer and working on corn now. It is nice to be able to have a little breather between the main summer harvest and those fall crops.

  3. Love reading your blog, CQ. Hope you get some rain soon!


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