Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Summer Garden

Despite the shortage of rain and unseasonably high temperatures we continue to have more than enough garden to be constantly busy weeding and canning. The corn is tasseling and we have started to water it in hopes of filling out the ears as they develop. We know that if we don't water that the ears will never fill out. This is the first time in years that we have had to supplement water on our gardens so I guess that we have been lucky. Above is our first planting of corn.

Above is the second planting of corn, okra and  red beans. The red beans are blooming and are loaded.

After the red beans are sweet potatoes and butternut squash at the end of the sweet potato row. On further to the left are field peas, water melon, cantaloupe and pumpkins. 

The yellow squash and zucchini are blooming and we look forward to fresh squash.

And the tomatoes are loving this heat. With a thick layer of mulch and supplemental watering they are flourishing. 

We check them regularly pinching off suckers and tying any branches that need support as the fruit enlarges. We also keep a watch for those tomato horn worms.

And the green beans are blooming AGAIN.

So as the hot days of summer are upon us we try to stay ahead of the weeds and keep everything watered.  Ever thankful for our blessings we continue to toil in our gardens daily. Early every morning the two of us can be found on the end of a hoe as the sun comes up. Straw hats and shades, a thermos of coffee in the shade. Talking as we work. You would think after all these years we would run out of things to talk about. Working together for the common goal of filling the pantry and freezer and feeding our family through the coming winter. Getting exercise to keep our bodies healthy and our minds alert. Who needs a gym with these workouts?

Hope your gardens are also thriving!

Blessings from The Holler

The Canned Quilter


  1. I love seeing and reading about your gardens and your philosophy on life. Blessings! :D

  2. How often do you water your corn and tomato plants, CQ?

    1. I try to water them good atleast once a week when mother nature does not provide it herself.

  3. I can't imagine not having to water the garden. Such a different climate.

  4. Such a beautiful, green garden! We've had a good one this year, but here in Texas we're having to water all the time. I really enjoy reading your blog and I've tried pressure canning for the first time this year. Wasn't has hard as I thought it was going to be, thankfully. Keep up the great work, my husband and I are both going to be retired by the end of the year, and we dream of spending our time together out in the garden.


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