Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Peppers Love Heat

The last two years we have struggled to grow bell peppers. The reason was that we had unseasonably cool and wet springs and summers. Many people use hoops or row covers but I stumbled on a secret by accident. I had a bunch of pepper transplants and had no room to put them in the garden so I stuck them in my flower bed . It just happened to be along the concrete sidewalk. They loved it and did better than they ever did in my garden. Because the concrete absorbed the heat and kept them really hot. So now every year I plant them along the concrete side walks and around my rock gardens to absorb that heat from the stones and concrete. Works like a charm.  If you don't have a concrete sidewalk try laying big rocks around the base of them to keep them warm. 

And peppers aren't the only thing I tuck in my flower beds. I had extra broccoli transplants and tucked them away with the flowers. They haven't had a cabbage worm on them yet.

I think they can't find them : )

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  1. You know that makes a lot of sense. I had left my peppers in the garden - sort of by accident too and since we don't get too many cold nights they actually survived the winter. They are in a raised concrete/brick bed. We got little peppers all winter and now they are giving us some of the biggest peppers we ever got. It worked so well that I decided to plant this years peppers in the same spot to see if they do the same thing.

  2. Haha. That is great. Thanks, CQ. :o)

  3. I've been looking at some of your resent posts, and all I can say is, "You folks have such a beautiful place". You keep it so nice and it looks like your own little paradise. I'll bet there is no where else on earth that you would rather be, than right there on your porch, enjoy our lovely home. I know that is how my wife and I feel about our place. It just has that homey feel. Hey, Come on over and check out my latest post. (Something I made for my granddaughter) I'm a little bit proud of it. Steve :)

  4. We also discovered the benefit of getting heat to the pepper plants. For the last three years, we have put down black plastic and cut six inch holes in them for the plants. Our pepper crops have been fantastic.

  5. You're absolutely right on peppers (anad jalapenos!) loving heat. I get my best jalapeno yields out of concrete planter boxes. Thanks for stopping by my blog and helping out with advice on my cabbagezilla. I picked up some Bonide Bt and hopefully that will set them straight.

  6. This is our second year having a garden. Last year, we had PLENTY of peppers. This year, they act like they are stunted and won't grow an inch even though they've been planted for over a month. Your explanation makes total sense. We had a hot dry summer last year and this year has been the opposite. Thank you for this info!! We thought we screwed something up, haha


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