Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Nightly Farm Journal

Wednesday June 20th, 2012

What an exhausting couple of days this has been. With high heat and wind gusts of 35 to 40 miles an hour it feels like you are standing in a furnace being blasted by  hot air all the time. It seems like just within the last couple of days the grass is brown and crunchy and plants are wilting by 10 in the morning. Between trying to keep the animals cool and watered and the plants alive we are exhausted. There is a chance of rain tonight and we are praying for atleast a  shower to cool things off maybe and an end to the wind.

Thus far 15 turkeys have hatched in the incubator. Moved 19 turkeys from the brooder to tractor to make room for the new ones. 

Pulled up first and second plantings of peas (Champion of England). Picked first picking off the small hybrids in North garden. Shelled a picking of peas for the freezer. 

Pulled up first broccoli plantings for the chickens : ) Second broccoli planting putting on heads. 

I have managed to injure my back somehow and am using heating pad and trying to take it easy for a day or two. Hoping it is maybe just a strained muscle.

Neighboring farmer brought me some free straw bales that got rained on the other day for my garden. I am going to take him some fresh veggies. 

Dinner venison steaks, baked potatoes from the garden, corn on the cob homegrown from freezer, coleslaw from the fresh cabbage in garden and a peach cake made with my homegrown canned peaches. It was truly a feast and we are thankful. 

Blessings from The Holler

Canned Quilter


  1. High heat and wind... feeling like you live in a furnace that is blasting you with heat. Plants wilting by 10 in the morning. Welcome to Texas! This is what we deal with allllll summer here, which can start as early as May depending on the summer we are going to have and last till end of Sept. Low rain amounts, no rain amounts that would be Texas as well. Also why I have shade covers for my garden rows, or else my veggies and plants just burn up...I say those of us who garden in Texas surely must be up for some sort of award like Saint Hood LOL... I hope your weather lets up soon for you as I know just how not fun all of that is. :O)

    1. Oh my! I remember summering with my parents in Seadrift Texas down by Galveston Bay. It was beautiful. This weather stinks though.

  2. Blessings to you dear quilter! We've been having the same heat and high winds, things have been slowly drying out but, a much needed rain came last night and it looks like I don't have to retire the lawn mower just yet! So sorry about your strained back, prayers for a quick recovery! Summer is no time to be laid up (there's far to much to do)! But take care of yourself first ya hear!!

  3. Love the picture:)) We're complaining up north about MORE rain~ I'd send some down if I could! Hope your back feels better!

  4. I hope your back heals quickly! And I hope the Good Lord blesses you with gentle rain and much less wind. ♥

  5. From one GEORGIA GIRL to another...I so love that clothesline picture..prior to 2006 we lived on a farm in southeast was primitive dog trot 100+ yr old house and barn on 200 acres. I chose to leave the clothesline and again chose to use it quite often. A group of garden club visitors tours the farmhouse one day asked if the "clothes on the line were for display or my laundry" I answered: "Both"
    QUESTION: Would you give permission for me to borrow/use your photo on my blog with proper credit and linking back to you {always~] if not, understood-won't know if I don't ask. That is my policy JUST ASK AND CREDIT..[tho' one blogger admits and apologizes for using my front porch scene but never does remove or credit or link to me.] A simply yes or no and not to worry about offending if it is no.


  6. I am flattered and as long as you credit and link I have no problem and thanks so much for asking as many don't.

    Hugs from The Holler



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