Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I See Red

Isn't she beautiful! Looks like I will have my first ripe tomato before the end of June.  Last year it was the first of August before I had ripe tomatoes. 

Blessings from The Holler

The Canned Quilter


  1. I see your tomato cages are built out of woven wire. How big are they and how do you make them? Do you stake them down or just set them over the tomato plants?

    Your ripe tomato looks like it is going be so delicious!

    1. I grow indeterminate tomatoes therefore ours are 8' tall. We took 2 sections of 4 foot tall wire and bent them into rings that are 36" in diameter. We then stack two 4 foot tall rings on top of each other and join with zip ties or you can use wire or hog rings to join. We plant the tomato and then beside it drive one T post. Then zip tie the 8 ' ring to the T post by slipping it over the tomato plant and post. When season is over just clip the zip tie and remove ring for storage and pull up post. I also like to put my straw mulch down around the plant before I put the ring around it.

  2. That is beautiful. I am also awaiting my first ripe one. I came home this afternoon to find my back gate open and several of my large green tomatoes gone. The thief was polite to leave my one ripening tomato, that's what I get for city living.

    Also after seeing your many canning post I've purchase the 23qt presto canner. Watching all your tips.

  3. I always find it so amazing how different areas the gardens are coming off at different times. I have been getting ripe tomatoes here and have canned 52 pints so far of peeled tomatoes and 12 jars of rotel. My friend who lives further south in Texas her tomatoes and tomato canning is done. :O). I have a few more weeks and mine will be done too. Yours is just starting. :O). I had a good year on cucumbers! YEAH finally! I have canned many jars of dill pickles!!! Wooowhooo our favorite! My cucumbers are pretty much done now.

  4. Woo-hooooo!!!! We're just getting yellow flowers and baby green tomatoes; can't wait for red ones:))


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