Thursday, June 28, 2012

Daily Farm Journal

Thursday night June 28, 2012

No hoeing this morning but rather a clean house and can day. Mother nature has indeed blessed us with a wonderful broccoli harvest. Most of the central heads are now gone and we will be starting on side shoots. Unsure what this 100 degree weather will do to the broccoli  plants that remain as it is a cool weather crop.

4 large trays of blanched broccoli flowerettes freezing in freezer. Will bag in the morning.

Gypsy the scottie dog went back to vet for the 4th time for a shot for pneumonia. We will be lucky if she survives this and would so appreciate any prayers lifted for her. She is a young and healthy dog otherwise but lord we do need a miracle. She is on her 3rd round of antibiotics for this and is having a terrible time kicking it. If it goes into emphysema then there will be no curing it and she will die.

Blessings from The Holler

The Canned Quilter


  1. CQ, Praying Gypsy gets over the pneumonia. I hope this new antibiotic works, poor little one.

  2. I will be saying a prayer for Gypsy...sorry she is so sick..It is so hot here in Texas also. Looking forward to Fall now...I sometime wonder why I still live here..I am just way to old to move I guess...Good luck with Gypsy...Vera

  3. I will say a prayer also for Gypsy and you, and O Wise One and Riley. He has to be beside himself as well as you all. Keep us posted. Blessing!

  4. Praying that Gypsy recovers completely and quickly! Are you giving her any probiotics ... like yogurt? All the antibiotics have to be hard on her digestive system. When I was sick a few years ago and had to go through round after round of antibiotics, I had to eat yogurt every day to keep my insides on track. Just a thought. Blessings!

    1. Ya know Brenda I had not thought of that but now I will.

  5. So, so sorry to hear about Gypsy. I am praying that she pulls through and is back by your side soon. Stay cool, CQ!

  6. So hard to watch our animals suffer. I'll be praying.

    What "breed" of brocolli do you grow? I just harvested my first today. It doesn't look like yours :-(


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