Friday, June 29, 2012

Canning Cole Slaw

Remember all those heads of monster cabbage from my garden. Now comes the task of  figuring out what to do with all those cabbage heads that got 3 times the size they were supposed to. I have already put up all the frozen cabbage I have already made a crock of sauerkraut. With plenty of cabbage to use to experiment with new recipes I found several recipes for canned coleslaw on the internet. Most looked pretty similar. 

I just shredded my cabbage head put salt on it and let it soak for an hour

Then shred you carrots, onions and peppers

Mix well and add your sauce containing  vinegar, water, sugar salt and celery seed after it has boiled.

Put in jars and seal

I processed mine for 20 minutes in a boiling water canner. It looks wonderful and I am going to let it sit on the shelf for a few weeks and then try it. Nothing like experimenting! They say it stays somewhat crisp and you can eat it out of the jar or drain and add a mayo dressing. A pint would be the perfect size to go with a meal for the three of us. Anyone else out there ever do this. If you are interested there are lots of recipes floating around cyberspace out there.  I just don't like to post a recipe that I have not tested. It reminds me of a relish my mother used to make with cabbage. I do not think it would go bad with a vinegar base but I do not know if it will really stay crunchy or turn to mush. I also am going to try freezer slaw for the first time.

Anyone else ever experiment with this?

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  1. I tried it last year, I was not that impressed with it. It may have been the way I did it, also I used the last of the cabbage that had been sitting for a while so that may have been why it wasnt as crunchy as I wanted. Hope yours turns out like you want.

    1. Glad I only made 6 pints : ) Not impressed with the taste, texture or both ?

    2. The texture mostly, it was limp, I probably should have eaten it sooner.
      I did drain & rinse mine, added mayo like regular slaw, so the taste was ok.

  2. Our poor neglected cabbage are riddled with cabbage worm holes. After a salt soak, we'll be eating them fresh.

  3. Never heard of canning cole slaw. How does it taste?

  4. We really liked it when we tried it. It is not exactly like cole slaw, more like a pickled cole slaw and it is sweeter. It is very good though. We did notice that it doesn't last as long as other canned goods though. It loses its crunch so you should probably eat it in the first 6 months.

  5. maybe with red cabbage? with out the peppers more like the German Red pickled cabbage?

  6. We used a similar recipe. Opened a 18 month old jar and it tasted like fresh. We salted all veggies cabbage peppers and carrots. Cut down on sugar a bit and used home made apple cider vinegar. I don't know what difference it made in the making. We also let syrup cool a bit before filling jars.


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