Monday, May 7, 2012

Strawberry Rhubarb Jam

With the month of May comes the strawberries and rhubarb here in Hickery Holler. This is actually the second picking of rhubarb. Remember I canned rhubarb in jars a few weeks ago. But that was a small picking. This was a really large picking although I think there may actually be a small picking again later in the season. We will have to wait and see what happens with the temperature and rainfall. Saturday afternoon I picked rhubarb, strawberries and spinach. Once I get this all canned then I am going to pick the first row of mustard that I planted which is also ready to pick and can.  But for this post I am going to make strawberry rhubarb jam. 

First wash, drain and remove the stems from your berries.  Also wash and chop rhubarb in 1/2 inch pieces. I am following the recipe on page 35 of the Ball Blue Book (100th Anniversary edition) . If you would like to follow along.

Strawberry-Rhubarb Jam

2 cups crushed strawberries
2 cups chopped rhubarb
1 package powdered pectin ( SureJell)
1/4 cup lemon juice
5 1/2 cups sugar

Yield : about 6 half pints

First mash your strawberries until you have 2 cups 

Add your mashed strawberries to your two cups of chopped rhubarb in a large saucepan

Now add 1 box Sure Jell and 1/4 cup lemon juice to sauce pan

Put your jars in water bath canner about half full of water and bring to boil. Place lid on pot and turn off heat to keep them warm. 

Also put your lids and rings in a small saucepan of water and heat just until warm then lower to lowest setting. 

Now bring your strawberry rhubarb mixture to a full boil over high heat.

Add sugar

Stir until all sugar is dissolved

Return to a FULL rolling boil. Boil hard for 1 minute stirring constantly.

Remove from heat!

Skim foam if necessary. I usually add 1/2 teaspoon of margarine to my jam and it reduces this foam greatly. I forgot : ) So I skimmed off the foam and sat the bowl on the table. As soon as my family found it they started putting it on small pieces of bread and eating it. Needless to say the foam did not go to waste....

Remove hot empty jars from canner and ladle hot jam into hot jars leaving 1/4 inch headspace..

Wipe rims  

Put hot lids on jars

Adjust rings and tighten finger tight ( Do not over tighten)

Place hot jars in canner and process for 10 minutes in boiling water canner

After your water has boiled hard for 10 minutes remove jars immediately and place on towel and allow to cool. As they cool the lids will make a pinging noise as they are pulled down and seal. I allow mine to sit until the next day then remove the rings, wash jars good with a soapy dishcloth and dry well. Label with contents and date and store in pantry. 

Isn't that a beautiful ruby red color? I made 14 jars to add to my jelly and jam shelf in the pantry. 

Blessings from The Holler


  1. Thanks for the tutorial and the yummy pictures!

  2. CQ, This jam looks amazing, beautiful vibrant color too.

  3. Enough already! Make it stop! LOL I am SO jealous!! I want my strawberries and rhubarb to be ready to pick!! I can't stand it any more LOL All I've got is a very wet muddy mess. Maybe I should avoid your blog for a while before I have too much resentment to appreciate you ROTFLOL All in jest of course! For now I'll try to be happy living vicariously through you LOL

    1. Hear ya about the wet muddy mess. I have had to pick in between rains for over a week. It is raining this morning! Hugs from The Holler : )

  4. OH YUMMY! That looks so good and your pictures are just gorgeous!!!!

  5. I've never known how to do anything like this before, but with your tutorial, I think I can try. It's not that I haven't wanted to before, it's just that I never knew how. Great post.

  6. How beautiful and delicious the jelly looks. Your family is lucky to be around for a taste of that goodness! I would love it if you would link this up to Your Cozy Home Party Mon. at 8 pm until Thurs. 10 pm. Hope you can come!! ------------- Shannon

  7. Mmm..that looks amazing! My grandmothers grew rhubarb abundantly and made so many tasty things with it. Here in my southern region it just doesn't grow. I will just have to drool over yours:)

    1. Growing up southern rhubarb was one of those things that we did not grow. I must say I am hooked now though.

  8. I was out yesterday and today, just arrived home again. I was thrilled to see you had shared this recipe, and terrific instructions, for strawberry rhubarb jam with Delectable Musings Seasonal Eats. This is on my to-do list for next week and now I am tripled inspired, thank you so much!

  9. Yum! Yum! Our rhubarb is just about ready to pick .... Beautiful pictures!

  10. yummmmm, one of my favorite jams. I can taste that on a hot biscuit now. Excuse the drool.

  11. Thank you very much for sharing your recipe and gorgeous pictures at Your Cozy Home Party. I am so glad you came. We bought some beautiful strawberries recently at a nearby farm and they were so fresh and delicious that we ate them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I should have gotten more and made this jam! ---------------Shannon

    1. You are very welcome, it was my pleasure and hope your readers enjoyed it : )


  12. Thanks for linking this up to the Carnival of Home Preserving! Hope to see you next week!


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