Sunday, May 6, 2012

Garden Updates

Another garden update already. Lots of rain here in The Holler. Almost daily so there is not a lot of gardening going on. Hoping to get some projects caught up on soon. Tomato plants are in the cold frame and hardened off and just waiting for the soil to dry out enough to plant them. Pepper plants are still under the lights but will be moved to the porch soon to harden off with a June 1 target planting date. Dill and cilantro will also be planted out then.  

We are eating salads almost daily. Topped most days with chopped boiled eggs from the henhouse, pickled beets, asparagus spears, frozen green peas from last year and homemade croutons.  

The potatoes are still loaded with blooms both the ones planted in straw and the ones planted traditionally.

The peas are also just starting to bloom and have reached the top of the 4 foot fence. We will start stretching string now to allow them to run even higher and still have support. 

The cabbage Early Jersey Wakefield is just starting to form heads and looking healthy. 

 We always plant a small amount of spinach for Baby O. She enjoys it on tortillas with turkey breast sliced thin.  O Wise One and I eat it in salads along with lettuce also.  The holes are not bug bites or critters but rather hail damage from the storms last week. Hail can be particularly hard on large leaf greens.  

Broccoli plants are growing well and show very little hail damage. This is a sprouting broccoli we also have the regular head type broccoli in the cold frame to be planted soon.   

Indian Mustard is really getting big and will probably be the first thing I can. We have the traditional Southern Curled mustard growing also. 

The Chinese Cabbage is looking great and we look forward to trying it.

The potatoes traditionally planted are blooming now also but are still not as large as the ones in straw. 

And the best part of all .......STRAWBERRIES! 

Blessings from The Holler

The Canned Quilter


  1. WOW! You appear to have a HUGE garden! I thought mine was big when I stretched it to 20 x 50 this year! And I still didn't have room for everything I wanted to plant! Decided to let it go until I see how this year goes though! Then I will know what else I want to add for next year! I have room to expand, just don't want to go too far!

  2. Your garden is beautiful! Still to cold here to start planting!

  3. Your garden looks so neat and almost weed free. I know from personal experience that gardening on a large plot like yours is hard work but oh so rewarding. It's no surprise that the food on your blog looks amazingly delicious because you take such pride in growing it. We don't have space for a garden but we found practically the only sunny spot in our yard and planted five tomato plants. They are growing nicely and today we discovered that the first bloom is about to open. We feel like gardeners again! Hope your weather gets better soon so you can get out there and plant some good stuff!!
    Have a nice week!------------Shannon

  4. Awesome!!! Thanks for the lovely garden tour - loved it!! Wish we were a bit further south so we could have fresh garden produce for more months out of the year ;-)

  5. Everything looks beautiful!

  6. Everything looks great, CQ. :o)
    I have never seen potato flowers. Yours are the first. We're already having steady 80 and 90 degree weather.
    Do potatoes like heat?


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