Friday, March 2, 2012

Coming In Like A Lamb

We've all heard that old saying about March coming in like a lamb and going out like a lion. March first here in Hickery Holler definitely came in like a lamb. With temperatures in the mid sixties it was a glorious day on the farm.

 The trees were blooming and you could hear the buzz of the bees, awake from a long winter nap, working the flowers.  I saw the first robins of the year and watched overhead as the geese flocks made their way northward again.

And we even found the daffodils poking their head out and getting ready for a spring show.  

It was also a day of weeding as well trying to get ahead of those cool weather spring weeds.

And trailers of clippings from the perennials as we cut back the tops dead from the winter freezes to allow  the new growth to come through.

 Riley and Gypsy enjoyed the day outside on mole patrol. Lord help us get all those holes filled back in.

I even potted up some perennial plants that I had found volunteering in my flower beds. Someone will come through and want them. Here some Dianthus, Autumn Joy Sedum and Catmint. All in all everyone had a productive day and it was so nice to again be in the sunshine with our hands in the dirt. 

Sure hope that lion at the end of the month takes it easy on us !

Blessings from The Holler

The Canned Quilter


  1. It was a lamb here, too.
    I don't know how you and my brother keep all your plants straight. That is something the definitely eludes me. I think I lost as many seeds last year, to me not knowing the difference between what I planted and what was weeds coming up. ;-)
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Temperatures have been nice here too but oh, the storms and wind. Today we're surrounded by storms carrying hail up to tennis ball size, fortunately just north of our house. I think I'll delay my trip into work for awhile.

    1. Kathy we had that weather Tuesday night with hail and high winds. That was the same night the tornadoes hit Branson, Mo. Neighbor lost a huge cedar tree that blew across the road and my daughter couldn't get through to bring my grandson for me to babysit until they cleared it off.

  3. I love the pictures you posted. Gardens, trees, plants and animals all coming to life because spring is in the air. Hopefully ya'll didn't get alot of damage your way with that bad storm that went through. I see based on your post, a neighbor lost a huge cedar tree. This weather has been extremely different this year. I sure am hoping that doesn't mean were are in for an extremely hot summer.


  4. I have always heard that saying backwards: "March comes in like a lion, but goes out like a lamb."

  5. We got our winter's worth of snow on Feb. 29~ which ushered March in like a Lion here. I'm so glad, too, that the storm's missed you! I checked your blog right away when I heard about the tornadoes:))


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