Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Full Freezer

The pigs were butchered November 1. O Wise One picked up our meat Friday morning except for the bacon and hams which are being cured.

And the butcher sent me extra fat knowing that I wanted to render it for soap. The butcher that owns the meat market in town is also my neighbor and owns the property next door. I was amazed to hear that he actually will give me all the pig fat or beef tallow I want because he actually has to pay to have it disposed of.   I guess no one uses it any more. 

My freezers are pretty well bursting at the seams. Lots of breakfast sausage, pork burger, pork chops , pork steaks, pork ribs and pork roasts. It should round out our meat supply  along with chicken, rabbit, fish,  and turkey. All coming right off this farm. And plenty of veggies to go with that. Now a deer should pretty well finish it out for the year. 

We have a few more chickens that O Wise One wants to butcher and then our meat supply is done other than venison. The chickens are older ones that have quit laying and will go in jars and be used for broth.

Blessings from The Holler 

The Canned Quilter


  1. Your family is a shining example of hard work pays off. What a treasure trove of nourishment!

  2. God has blessed with great bounty. God is so good! Indeed - you have worked hard.

  3. Amen. DeanO said it. A blessed bounty.
    Your posts tell me what to do with pig fat. No idea what to do with beef tallow. I presume that is cow fat?
    Congratulations, CQ!

  4. Your freezers look well stocked...the chest one reminds me of one I had to leave behind in NJ :o( there's a great story about it that I've told on my blog..I've bought a small chest for extra, but I should have gotten one like I had .it's almost full. good job homesteading..I have to hurry and turn off your music it distracts me...

  5. So jealous here! I love me some piggie on a plate!

  6. What a blessing to have a full freezer like that! God does indeed provide for our needs. :)

  7. Rereading this, it reminds me that too many skills are being lost. Sad.


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