Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Week In The Holler !

Fall is such a busy time on the farm and our is no different. This last week or so has been truly hectic as we prepare for those winter days. I continue to put by food and found carrots cheap and bought an extra 20 pounds to dehydrate for the pantry. 

Once peeled and sliced the soft sound of the dehydrator motor has become a constant companion for the last day or so.
 These will be stored for additions to soups and stews in the upcoming months.

O Wise One has been building a curtain rod for me out of wood.

It is to go over this window because in the winter when the snow is on the glare blinds us while sitting at the kitchen table. We enjoy looking out this window at the wildlife and birdfeeders during the winter but the glare is becoming increasingly annoying. My plan is to make some homemade curtains to go on the double rod made from recycled lumber. I'll keep you updated in future posts.

 It's been a week of baking muffins and roasting sunflower seeds

 And bringing in all the garden produce. All 3 gardens are now disked and put away for winter.
 It's been a week of breathtaking sunrises and mild temperatures although we are extremely dry still..
 It's also been a week of collecting seeds and looking to next year's gardens.

The rabbits are butchered and that meat in the freezer. We are butchering the older hens that are no longer laying this weekend. They will go into jars for noodles and soups this winter. And lots of canned broth.

Remember these two  fellas from the spring. They have an appointment with the butcher on Monday. Hams , bacon and sausage for the next year and lard to render for my soap.

Although our daytime temperatures have been in the 80's for most of the week we know that cold weather is right around the corner. And as generations before us on this land we prepare as best we can. We know our work is almost done for this year only to begin again in a few moths. We look forward to a winter's rest.

And we thank God for our blessings, our health and our ability to work. And we especially thank him for each other.

Blessings from The Holler

The Canned Quilter and O Wise One


  1. You have been blessed with a wonderful harvest of everything.

    I suspect your rest is made of different work...take to take up sewing.

  2. Amen. God Bless and have a wonderful day!

  3. CQ,

    I don't tell you often enough but Thank you!

    Whether you know it or not, you're an inspiration and a blessing to me.

    I can always find a great post on your blog telling me and the others how to make something, do something, or just be inspired.

    So thank you for all you share with us, your readers!

  4. Things look wonderful around your place! We've been in the 80s, too, but today it's rainy and the 50s, so feels more like fall.

    I've been experimenting with freezing cooked potatoes, and so far, it's working out pretty well. My tomatoes are still going, so I hope to dry a few more of them.

  5. It does feel good to put the garden to rest. Our weather has cooled down and we are enjoying it while cleaning up outside. I still need to winterize my screened porch and bring in picnic tables and chairs.

    Thank you for sharing.

  6. Now THATS how to be prepared for winter. You are an inspiration!


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