Monday, September 12, 2011

Where were you that September Morning?

Yesterday was a day for remembering. O Wise One and I grilled burgers and fries for Baby O's birthday and invited over older daughter Fred and family. Finishing off with chocolate cake and ice cream it was good to have the grandkids running around the yard playing. We were reminded of how blessed we truly are.

It was so sad to see all the tributes to the fallen of September 11th but appropriate. It's funny how days like that stick in your memory. I can't remember what I had for breakfast some days but remember standing in front of my office in Florida watching the Challenger space shuttle blow up. I remember the day Elvis died, and Princess Diana, and Martin Luther King, the days for some reason just stay with you. September 11th is no different. I got up that morning and watched a single plane fly into the tower like everyone else on TV. I thought my Lord some idiot just flew into a huge building and remember thinking "how in the heck did he miss seeing that".  I had my coffee and went to work. At that time I owned a house keeping service and had several appointments that morning to look at houses and give estimates. I drove to the neighboring large town and kept my appointments just listening to a CD in the car. When I finished with my appointments I dropped by Walmart to pick up a can of coffee because we were running low. I noticed there were very few cars on the street and as I pulled into the parking lot it looked pretty empty. I went and got my coffee and saw that the only line in the whole store was at the gun counter and there were probably 40 people standing at the ammunition and gun counter. Yes I thought that odd. As I stood in the line to check out I looked up at the monitors on the roof of the store and they were broadcasting the repeated second plane as it plowed into the second tower and exploded. I got cold chills. All of a sudden I understand why these people were buying ammunition although I found it sad. Yes it finally sunk in that we were under attack and here I stood in the Walmart line paying for coffee. I did  turn around and go back and get  a second can . It is so hard for me to believe that was 10 years ago.

Where were you that morning ? I would love to hear : )

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  1. I was doing laundry. I thought the first plane hitting a building was an advertisement for a movie. Since I was walking through the room, I only saw part of it.

    It wasn't until my son called me from work that I realized it was real.
    However, we didn't buy our guns until the other O became President. That's when we really began to worry.

    Grilling and Grandkids sounds like a great weekend. :)

  2. I was at work and while we worked one of the coworkers watched tv and kept everyone updated. It seemed unreal. Then my supervisor came back and said "See! I told you! They are going to take over our country!" We had just recently had a conversation about Muslims that ended with him telling me the only good muslim was a dead one.

    That kind of fear and hate and ignorance scares me as much as the terrorists.

  3. Wow Mary, your prejudiced boss scares me almost as much as the people buying guns at Walmart.

    I remember on that day, my Muslim friends were all outraged about the attacks.

  4. I was getting ready to go into town and open up my real estate office for the day. My daughter called (she lives a couple hours away) crying...and could only say: Mom turn on the t.v. I didn't make it into town. I stayed on the phone with my daughter for hours...we watched the second plane hit the towers and just cried. I only got off the phone when the announcer said the planes were American best friend's son flew for American out of Newark...I couldn't move...she called to tell me he was safe. For me, it has never been the same.


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