Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Dehydrating Zucchini Candy - DIY Gummy Worms

One of the things that usually is always plentiful this time of year is squash and zucchini. Just a few plants with a little luck and a little rain make tons of fruit. They are so versatile and I have made zucchini pickles, fried, chopped, smashed, grilled, in soups and casseroles. My children pick on me about ending world hunger with squash. And as usual this year is no exception because again my cup is overflowing, with squash. One of my friends sent me this link and yes I had to try it. I must say that my grandchildren loved them. 

I cooked them in strawberry Koolaid and then dehydrated them and rolled them in a sugar and country time strawberry lemonade mixture. Although I won't be making a huge amount of these I had to laugh at the look on the kids faces when I told them what they were.  


  1. My hubby won't have anything to do with squash or zucchini of any kind, except cucumbers and pumpkins.

    Your grandkids are lucky. :)

  2. Now how cool is that! Talk about tricking your kids to eat veggies : )

  3. This is way to cool! Another way to use up zucchini and have some fun! Love it!

  4. That's a great recipe...thanks for sharing.

  5. I'll have to try that someday as we are overflowing with summer squash, too. I don't think I'll tell the kids it's zucchini until after they try it!

  6. What a fun recipe!! Thanks for sharing that!! Now I just need more zukes. I shredded and canned ours for breads, muffins, and Poor Man's "crab" cakes.

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