Friday, August 12, 2011

State of Things in The Holler

It's been a slow week in The Holler. I have been busy taking care of Baby Hank most of the week. He has an unknown illness with welts all over his legs and arms that have now spread to his bottom. His mother has him back at the doctor for the third time. His legs are now swelling up. Doctor said they were chigger bites which is not the case. Chiggers don't spread. I urged his mother to maybe get a second opinion. In the meantime Ii have been rocking a sick baby for the last three days and trying to keep him off of his little swollen legs. Please pray for him : )

I would like to thank everyone for their comments and encouragement on homeschooling Baby O. She has officially been excepted into the University of Missouri High School. We are now trying to make up our mind on what classes she will be taking and ordering the materials. What fun ! I wish they had all these great classes when I was in high school. Egyptology, Latin, Philosophy....Oh MY !

On the canning front we did manage to put up another 12 quarts of tomatoes. 7 quarts of chicken meat and 12 pints of chicken broth. And dehydrated 4 half pints of green peppers.

As you can see we are getting plenty of squash and zucchini . 

Which means zucchini bread time is here.  You can find my recipe  HERE

And oven fried squash...Yum

You can find this recipe HERE This recipe works great on green tomatoes too. 

Also many asked for my sauerkraut recipe you can find it HERE .

I woke up this morning to the sound of rain hitting our metal roof. Since Baby Hank is at the doctors today with his mama. And it is too wet to really pick any thing or mow. I think I'll curl up with a good book and take a few hours off. I think I deserve it.

Blessings from The Holler

The Canned Quilter 


  1. You certainly do deserve it! Prayers for Baby Hank.

    Congratulations to you and Baby can both explore together.

  2. Sounds like an allergy maybe? God Bless and prayers for Baby Hank. ♥

  3. Enjoy your book and time to yourself. Congrats to Baby O! Prayers for baby Hank.

  4. Love the pool pic : )Lots of canning going on here too : ) And good eating-I'm trying to stock up for the winter months-summer is so good eating.


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