Friday, April 29, 2011

Sometimes Our Children Teach Us

Baby O and I got up early this morning to watch the royal wedding. I could not help but remember years ago and watching Will's mother and father on that same balcony kissing. It was a little sad wondering what Diana would have thought of her new daughter in law. How proud she would be of the man William seems to have become. I hope and pray that the world has learned something from Diana's unfortunate death and these two will be successful in their marriage. I hope that this princess will be better prepared for the public life ahead and I wish them happiness for a lifetime.

On another note please pray for all those that have suffered both loss of life and loss of homes in the horrible weather of the last week. Spring can not only be beautiful but very cruel sometimes.  

It has rained here most of the week but I am thankful that most of the tornadoes and really bad weather seems to have missed us. The rivers and creeks are out but seem to be receding now. I have spent my time during this rainy spell catching up on housework and spring cleaning. I washed all the linens from Easter and put all the Easter decorations and baskets away for another year. I have been cleaning out china cabinets and doing lots of dusting and waxing this week.  

It was wonderful watching Baby Hank dye eggs for the first time.

And he really liked that little chocolate bunny in his basket.

And my cheesecake turned out wonderful! For the recipe go HERE 

The leftover ham is all packaged and in the freezer. The bone for beans and the meat for casseroles and salad.

O Wise one and I had a truly humbling experience with Baby O this week. We also have come to the conclusion that sometimes we teach our children and sometimes our children teach us. 

Recently I attended a gathering at a neighbors house and as I sat at one table the woman at the next table very loudly ran down a poorer family in town who had made the TV news for going to a large church in the city to procure free prom dresses for their two daughters. I listened to this woman groan and lament loudly over these people playing the system in her opinion.  I simply sat there and ignored the conversation since it wasn't at my table or directed toward me and I simply had nothing to add to her tirade. It pretty well reeked of sour grapes if you know where I am coming from....

In the following day or so we were sitting at the dinner table and I brought this up to Baby O since one of the girls was in her class. I went on to point out that I felt that the parents were just making an effort to allow for their children to attend prom and they obviously couldn't afford prom dresses. I wanted to make a lesson about not being judgemental that I am sure they were just trying to do their best for their children.

Baby O smiled at me. She went on to tell me and her father that she and a male friend of hers in her class had been talking to the girl in this family and asked her about prom. She told Baby O and her friend that she would not be attending prom because her parents could not afford prom dresses for her and her sister. In class later that day they were cutting out newspaper articles for current events and came across an advertisement for this church helping people with prom clothes. Baby O's friend cut it out and they dropped it in the slits of her locker in order not to embarrass her hoping that her family would take advantage of the opportunity for a prom dress for her.    

They never said a word. What started out as me pointing out a lesson for my daughter ended up being a very valuable lesson that was taught to me.

Gosh I love that kid : ) We are truly thankful for such a gentle soul in one so young.

Blessings from The Holler

The Canned Quilter


  1. Of course Baby O is a fantastic person! She has you and WOW as parents! =D

    How could she not be fantastic?!

    Enjoyed our gab on the phone earlier this week. Miss you bunches and tons!

    (And of course, I watched both weddings!)

  2. What Anonymous said. ;)

    We were blessed to have the worst of the weather miss us once again, too.

    Hope you all have a blessed weekend!

  3. Give Baby O a big hug for helping one of her classmates! We need more kids like her to help straighten out the mess we are in.

    The big storms missed us, but we have more rain then we can handle, but I will be looking for it in August!

    Have a blessed and wonderful weekend.

  4. Your daughter has a very sweet spirit.


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