Thursday, April 28, 2011

All The Shades Of Yellow

Most of the spring bulbs have bloomed now and are fading. This old daffodill I found around the remains of an old farmhouse on the property. I have dug it up and divided and replanted it. The smell it has is wonderful. I love that it is double and makes a huge bloom compared to the daffodills of today. 

This little daffodill was given to me as a gift years ago by O Wise One. He gave me originally a 6 inch pot of these and after dividing and planting in my flower beds I now have these all over the yard. They make very small blooms almost like a mianiature.  

The tulips are finishing up and the April rains are really hard on them.

Soon it will be time to cut the stems off and let them die down for another year.

The dandelions are rearing their big yellow heads and the bees are buzzing everywhere. I've seen many posts lately of people making jelly with them. I will not though because I have so much jelly already and we really don't eat huge amounts of it anyway. With all the fruit trees, strawberry plants and grape vines I limit my jelly making these days. 

My favorite of all the daffodills are the big King Alfred blooms.

There is yellow everywhere you look and the sun just seems to make them shine even more. What could be more cheerful and spring like. We have had almost 5 days of straight rain so the sun has decided to shine today and it is very welcome . We look forward to a couple sunny days to balance things out a bit. 

Blessings from The Holler

The Canned Quilter 


  1. Happy Thursday to you all and thanks for sharing your pictures! :)

  2. Love your pictures! Your spring flowers are coming to a end, and mine are just starting to open up. But with all the rain, I do not blame them if they would to hide a little. I would love to put the covers back over my head. Be safe!

  3. Oh, it is such a beautiful time of year!
    Warm wishes,


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