Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Looking For A Tom !

O Wise One and I spent last weekend looking for a Tom or gobbler turkey. We have two hens that are laying and needed a male to have fertile eggs to hatch. We decided to go with a heritage breed of turkey called a Bourbon Red. Sometimes they can be hard to find. So saturday we loaded up and drove to the state fair grounds to a poultry show to look for a gobbler for our hens.

What an experience that was. I fell in love with this fellow but decided not to bring hime home. This is how I feel some days too.

Is that a leave me alone look or what!

This is how I feel alot of mornings!

But alas no turkey.

So Sunday morning we got up early and drove to amish country. You can find almost anything farm related there. Indeed we hit pay dirt.....

Meet Fonzie

He just knows he is the most handsome guy on the farm.

Both girls seem pretty happy and all is well with their little turkey world again. There is indeed spring romance in the turkey pen.

Blessings from The Holler

The Canned Quilter


  1. Fonzie is a great name for a turkey! My husband wants to get some, but we'd need to build a pen I think - our chickens are free range. I think a turkey would take off w/ all the wild turkeys around in a heartbeat.

  2. Wow. What a great looking turkey. Congratulations! :)


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