Sunday, April 10, 2011

Garden Update April 2011

The gardens are again up.





All of these are cool season crops. My plant stand is full of seedlings ready to go into the cold frame and be hardened off. Maybe next week if the weather is cooperative. The only cool season crop that has not broke ground yet is the potatoes. We dug one up and they have put on roots just not leafed out yet. A couple nice warm days and they will be up and growing.

How is everyone else doing on those cool weather crops ?

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  1. Well, I am clueless about this stuff. I did some reading on companion planting and such and this is what I have.
    I planted peas and beans, neither of which are up yet.
    I planted some bell peppers, which are not up. I planted some nasturtiums, which I think are just coming up. I also planted some... zinnias, I think, which have come up in one spot.
    I think the carrots may have begun to sprout.
    The broccoli didn't survive the winter, oddly. Two of the brussels sprouts did, but the sprouts aren't growing, they're just trying to flower.
    Of the onion sets I planted, two have sprouted.
    All but two of the marigolds died.
    Two garlic plants survived the winter and have 3 or 4 leaves each.
    I think all of the seed potatoes I planted have sprouted (only 8, haha.)
    I think I planted a few cucumber seeds. Oh, and I planted some catnip and, um... basil. I don't think any of that has come up yet.
    These are all my guinea pigs to see if I can keep them alive this year.
    All a learning experiment. :)

  2. Still to cold here! But my turn will come!


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