Friday, April 8, 2011

Asparagus Time Again

That first stalk

For us here in Hickery Holler it seems like the harvest lasts forever. We start with asparagus in late March and early April and finish in the fall with the pecans and walnuts. It won't be long now until I will be dealing with a full bowl of asparagus every other day. The jars will again come out for pickled asparagus and the vacuum sealer will be cranked up again for those freezer bags. I get about 5 months from November to the end of March without canning.  No complaints here though !! With food prices soaring daily we are thankful for every stalk.

For those of you that don't grow asparagus I have to say it is an easy perennial to grow and once a bed is established it lasts for years with really minimal care. Just feed and weed ! They are heavy feeders though so I keep a good layer of that bunny poop on them. They love it and give me stalks as big as your thumb. I burn the brown tops off in the winter to destroy any diseases that may hide in that underbrush and keep well fed. I have two beds here om the farm both about 20 foot long and 4 foot wide. I have to watch the one out front by the gravel road though. I have actually caught people sneaking into my asparagus beds and wrangling it. Many people around here ride around the country roads and cut it out of the fence rows along the back roads. It comes up there when the birds spread the seeds and grow wild. You also find it around old home sites sometimes.

Blessings from The Holler

The Canned Quilter


  1. I wish I were near you! You would catch me every time :o)...I need to learn to grow some...I love it..

  2. Wtf?! Stealing your asparagus?! Really?!


  3. Down that is down right dirty, stealing someone's asparagus.
    We have had people steal the fruit off the trees at the top farm, so I can understand how it feels.

  4. People who think they have a right to whatever they want without a please or thank you, or without earning it, really annoy me.

    I like asparagus occasionally, pan fried with Parmesan cheese. Hubby calls them sparrow guts though and will not eat them so I don't buy them or eat them very often.

    Enjoy yours! :)

  5. I can hardly wait for the first asparagus! Ours isn't showing it's face yet. But hopefully soon!

  6. Thanks for the tips! This is the first spring we've gotten any to eat-and it is so good! I hope mine continues to grow-till it's like yours : )


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