Friday, March 18, 2011

The Beginning Of Garden Season 2011

Oh what a fickle thing is March! Monday brought a snow and rain mix with wind and cold. By Thursday the temperatures were in the low eighties with wind. Spring can never officially start without digging in a little potting soil. Here in zone 5A it is time to start seeds. I like to begin with my broccoli and cabbage seeds. I always plant jersey Wakefield cabbage which is an heirloom cabbage that makes a small conical shaped head. The cabbage that produce the really huge heads tend to split in our weather conditions and rot. The smaller heads of the Jersey Wakefield produce better here. The broccoli variety is Calabrese. Another heirloom that produces not only a main head but lots of side shoots.    

I start my seeds in plastic cells and trays that I have reused for years. When the seedlings are planted I simply bleach them to sterilize and they are stored for the next year. If stored out of direct sunlight they have lasted as long as 10 years. I buy a quality seed starter mix from our local farm supply.

I mark the type of seedling and variety on small craft sticks and a fine point permanent marker. A bag of 150 is inexpensive and lasts for years.

Once the trays are planted the clear domes are placed over them and they are placed on the light shelves that O Wise One built for me.

Within a week or two all 3 of these shelves will be full of seedlings waiting to be moved to the cold frame to harden off. O Wise One managed to get the garden worked up and planted potatoes, onions and green peas yesterday. So let the gardening begin : )

Blessings from The Holler

The Canned Quilter


  1. You are so lucky to start your garden. Sad we still could have snow in May! :0(

  2. What a blessing to already be started :o), I need to get the boxes and side garden ready , but have no place to put seedlings at present...I can't wait to get into the swing of it ..Today is a warm sunny wonderful day and I'm going to get one bed at least in order :o)

  3. Thanks for the information on cabbage! That's probably what I need to buy for here in NC, too.
    Something that makes small heads.

    So I probably bought the wrong kind. But I'll try them anyway. Nothing ventured, nothing learned, right? :)

    Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! :)

  4. Your seed packets are so pretty!

    I never considered starting seed until last year when I seen how hardy & gorgeous some plants were that came up from seed in our garden last year. Unfortunately I'm not ready to this year, but working towards starting seeds inside another year is in our future Lord willing.

  5. You are off to a great start! I could never be this organized.

    Mom had two rules, seeds inside by presidents day and potatoes in the ground by St Patrick's. I can't even follow those rules, so I leave the gardening to the sisters.

    We are trying to grow heritage so these two names are great to add to the list.

  6. Love the seedling system you have!! I'm trying for my own green house this year-so far I'm not having much luck though : )


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