Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Baby O Goes To Town

Way back in November Baby O entered an essay in the Voice of Democracy essay contest sponsored by the VFW. She won in her local and then in the District. So last Friday we were off to Jefferson City, the capitol of Missouri for her to compete in the state competition. We battled the aftermath of the blizzard to get there. They put us up on the 7th floor of the Capitol Plaza Hotel right across from the State Capitol Building. Above was the view from the 7th floor. 

With a waterfall right in the middle. On Saturday Baby O toured the Capitol Building and the city and went out for pizza with the other 17 contestants. O Wise One and I  watched movies and then sat by the indoor pool and read and talked and had lunch together and had the entire day to ourselves. It continued to snow on and off. 

That afternoon Baby O returned and we got dressed up and attended the awards banquet.


Baby O placed 6th out of 18 District winners. She was the youngest participant and from the smallest school. No one could believe that her entire class consisted of 18 kids. She wore a long black beaded dress and was escorted in on the arm of a soldier. She sat at the head table as a guest of honor with the other 17 kids. She handled herself beautifully and we were so proud of her and her accomplishments. We were so impressed with all these kids. They were definitely cream of the crop with many heading off after graduation this year to Harvard and other Ivy League colleges across the country. She was indeed in good company. They all won cah prizes to apply toward their education and a Voices of Democracy Jacket. This is a country wide contest and I would encourage anyone with high school age children to participate. It is a wonderful program for the kids and a way to help them make money for their education.

It was nice for us all to get away for a weekend even though we stayed around the hotel because of the snow conditions. And Baby O did us proud. Our little farm girl is indeed growing up. On Sunday morning we drove that 3 hours home stopping for a nice lunch along the way. Back to Hickery Holler with waist deep snow drifts and all. Home was a welcome sight.   

Blessings from The Holler

The Canned Quilter and O Wise One


  1. Glad to hear you are back safe and sound. I am glad to know baby o did so well. Tell old wise one he looked very nice and so did you. It is fun to getaway from home but I know it was a welcome sight to see the homestead. I am getting ready to fly to Chicago tomorrow to keep grandchildren so their parents can go to Hawaii for a week...Wish me luck...vera

  2. That looks like such a wonderful trip! =)

  3. Congratulations to Baby O and to proud momma and papa! It sounds like you all had a wonderful time. The Capitol Plaza is a nice place. I go to conferences there each year.

  4. Yay for Baby-O!!!! So glad you made it through the snowstorm safely!

  5. Give Baby O a big, big hug from me! You should be very proud of her! I am! We need good kids doing good things. Where does she want to go to school next year?


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