Monday, January 31, 2011

Here We Go Again !

With snow still on the ground I sit this morning listening to the list of school closings grow on the radio. Yes we are in the path of another winter storm. The prediction is a  foot of snow plus..... Oh Boy ! Wind chills 25 below and 30 mile an hour blizzard conditions and wind. Baby O was supposed to go on a field trip today at school but it was cancelled. In anticipation of having them all at home and in the house all day for the next couple days I am cooking. Dinner tonight:

Red Beans and Rice with sausage
Smothered Zuchini with onions and bacon
Oven fried breaded okra
Corn Bread
Blackberry Cobbler 

I am also making some snickerdoodle cookies to fill the cookie jar. O Wise One is in town stocking up on animal feed and bird seed and that extra gallon of milk. I have extra bread rising now. We know with that much snow and blizzard winds that snow will drift across the open fields and keep these old gravel and dirt roads tied up for days.  The news is saying that this is impacting about 25 states in the US. So to all my friends out there in blog land. Dig in and stay safe.

Blessings from The Holler

The Canned Quilter 


  1. Oh my goodness! Batten down the hatches! At least you have plenty to eat! Stay warm and safe.

  2. With all that good cooking going on , I'd chance being an unwelcome guest,
    I don't care how you'd treat me , as long as you fed me good :o)

  3. Storm or no storm, I think I'm coming to your place for dinner. ;)
    That sounds wonderful!
    Stay warm! Hope you will all be well. ♥

  4. Up north here in WI we are only "supposed" to get 5-6 inches, which after the 3" this weekend makes for a good amount of snow. It does sound like a good excuse to make snickerdoodles tho~ yummy!

  5. Hope they miss the snow predictions by a foot or so !!
    Stay safe and appreciate all that hard work you did last summer and fall !!!
    Have a blessed tomorrow no matter the weather

  6. We are supposed to be getting 3" of snow an hour later today. I'm getting ready by baking your chocolate chip cookies you post last week! Be safe!


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