Wednesday, September 1, 2010

An Award Oh My !

Last week I received my first Award! It came on probably one of the lowest days I had endured in awhile. But never the less I was truly honored. It was presented to me by Gail at

To Gail I would like to send a sincere thank you my friend.
And a great big ol Hickery Holler  hug......

I enjoy my blog and the people who visit it so much. I love to go visit all my blogging friends every morning with my coffee. You have all become such an important part of my morning routine. No matter how busy I am my day is just not complete without atleast a quick visit around my little blogging community. Each comment I receive is a gift that I treasure.  But in the spirit that this award was given to me I must pick some worthy bloggers to pass this along to. And this is probably the hardest part but I shall try.

1. My first choice shall be Becky over at Sunny Morning Farm Becky and I have decided early on that we were sisters secretly separated at birth. I'm adopted..IT COULD HAPPEN! Anyway I love Becky's blog for her sense of humor. She is like a breath of fresh air in springtime. So energetic bouncing all over the place. She says it is her ADD but I find it one of her most charming qualities. She just amazes me! A nurse and a hairdresser, a quilter and gardener and canner and goat farmer. Wow !! Her Blog is a must for me for that dose of good humor. Becky we love ya sista!

2. My second choice is Katy at THE COUNTRY BLOSSOM  for just the opposite type of Blog. When you visit Katy you feel at peace. Just listening to her describe her days with her 3 children that she homeschools and her love of her family and her home and her faith in her God gives you such Peace. I think she has to be the most gentle soul I have ever encountered and it is amazing how that comes through in her blog.  I am going to quote the words of a song here that I think describes what I take away from Katy everytime I leave her blog.

" Lay down my sweet sister, lay down and take a rest
   I'm gonna lay your head upon my saviors breast.
   Yes we love you, but jesus loves you best
   I bid you goodnight, goodnight, goodnight! " 

Thank You Katy and we salute You !

3. My third blog choice would be OUR CRAZY FARM . I so respect her for her dedication to her 5 children and her faith. Being an adoptive child myself and having adopted a child I have so much respect for what she and her husband have accomplished with her children and her dedication to her family and that farm. What a lady. This blog and this family are one class act : ) I salute You ! 

4. My last choice is going to Tipper at BLIND PIG AND THE ACORN . Tipper's blog is about her family and her heritage. Her people in Appalachia. I was born in the mountains of north Georgia but at an early age adopted by a couple and raised in the Cajun Country of south Louisiana. Therefore I missed out on this part of my heritage. Tipper is educating me one blog at a time. Every visit I experience Appalachia through her eyes. Her people are slowly becoming my people as I bridge that gap and become more educated to their customs. So I salute Tipper for giving me back my heritage.

And to all the rest of you I send Huge Hugs from Hickery Holler and present this award to you all !!! What the heck it is my blog and I can do what I want. Everybody gets one!!

   I salute you my friends ( :

 Hugs from The Holler

The Canned Quilter


  1. I am absolutely humbled by what you wrote...thank you so, so much. It has almost brought me to tears...thank you for your kind words and for the is very much appreciated!
    Also, *congratulations* on winning the award yourself! :)

  2. Hope you have a blessed week. *Hugs* ♥

  3. I'm nearly crying here too:)) Your thoughts about your bloggy friends are exactly mine~ all you ladies are so much a part of my life and very precious to me. Thank you for the sweet words that will encourage me for days to come! Becky is awesome and so funny! I don't know Katy or Tipper but will have to go "meet" them soon. You are so well deserving of this award Mrs. Hickory Holler! Congrats!

  4. Your blog rocks! =D

  5. It was wonderful to hear your lovely voice on the phone today. It made my week! =D

    I have realized I have a problem only you can help me with.

    I am married to a gravy snob. I have been married to this man for almost twenty one years and STILL cannot make a gravy he doesn't have to go behind me and tweak. He rarely is fussy. He never complains about anything else I cook.

    I's almost to the point where I don't want to cook anything which must be served with gravy ever again. =/

    Could you possibly lend your gravy wisdom to those of us who read your blog when you get a chance?

    Thank you bunches and tons.

  6. It's almost to the point.


    Really, I can type.

  7. Oh you are the sweetest!!! I am crazy! I admit it!!! I am glad that you guys can find humor in all my husband can't!!

    I too, feel that you ladies are a part of my family! I live each day to get up and see what else is going on in your little worlds! I get such encouragement from each of you! Especially all the great recipes and canning/ gardening inspiration from my Sista, thecannedquilter!!! You De Bomb! Thanks so much for the award! My only problem is that my two very best blog friends already have an award, you and Terri!! Who to chose??? Who to chose???

  8. Congrats on the award-you deserve it! And I'm honored that you passed it to me. What wonderful words you wrote about me and the Blind Pig-makes me feel like I'm doing something worthwile and I thank you! You really made my day : )


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