Saturday, July 24, 2010

Farm Kids

As I sit here this early Saturday morning my heart is heavy. There was a terrible tragedy in our little farm community this week. A small 3year old boy was caught in a grain auger and his little leg was torn off. I ask that everyone please remember little three year old Colby in your prayers. I have worried over this child for several days now and could just sit and cry thinking of the pain and horror that this child has endured. I pray that both he and the relative whose care he was in at the time of the accident and his young parents can overcome the horror and support this baby in the tough days ahead.  The machines that farmers have become so dependant on to reduce farm labor have also made the farm such a dangerous place for little ones. Not long ago I served jury duty in a case where a little boy had been run over by a neighbors tractor and crushed. Sometimes I wonder if it is worth the convenience. I was very lucky that all my children were never injured severely but I urge parents to please keep your children close and supervised around all farm machinery. The farm can be such a wonderful place to grow up lets all try to keep it that way : ) 

On a lighter note the peach pie filling was completed yesterday for now anyway. I had 6 jars. There are still some peaches that are not ripe yet that I will do probably next week. This will be the end of the yellow peaches as I only have 1 tree of yellow ones. The white peaches are not ripe yet and will not ripen for several weeks. I also froze 2 more quart bags of blackberries yesterday.  

I am going to take a break from canning this weekend. I have been on my feet for days at the stove and my feet and legs need a rest. They are pooped. Next week I have new potatoes already dug to go in jars. The green beans also need picking and the onions need to be cut up and frozen. The okra is starting to bear and will start to be picked every day or so and the blackberries will need picking again by Monday.  I also still have atleast 1 more cooking of peach pie filling. The coons have already found the corn and it is not even at the milk stage yet so O Wise One will be setting traps all weekend to get ahead of the problem. We also are trying to get rid of a bumble bee swarm on the rabbit cages of all places.  They are proving stubborn as O Wise One has sprayed them twice and they keep coming back. Baby O has been invited to spend the weekend with a girlfriend so O Wise One and I hopefully will have a quiet and somewhat restful weekend. Then it is back to work next week on the garden, canning and mowing.  

Blessings from The Holler

The Canned Quilter


  1. Oh I am so hurt too, just trying to grasp what they must be going thru. I know how easy and quick it is to hurt on a farm too. I had an adult friend who had his 18 month old son in the tractor while he was mixing feed in the feed wagon. Dad got sucked up in the auger and was able to tell his 18 month old how to stop the PTO just prior to him being killed. So scary!

    Danny and Colton will be more than happy to come out there and chase those coons out of your corn!! If it's less than 100 degrees there!!! Just let us know. I think I will come along for the ride. Will you feed me?? Maybe peach pie??? OK I will be there too!!

  2. I wish there were some way to get the equipment off the farms and go back to people power too.
    Would be good for a lot of people.
    God bless that family and comfort them.

    Hope you enjoy your weekend!

  3. Little Colby will be in my prayers here, too. If it wasn't for knowing that God was sovereign I don't know how you would cope with most of the things in life. Good friends of ours lost their 5 year old daughter when a round bale tipped over on top of her and her sister several years ago. There has been much fruit and even salvation from the accident years later but we sure do miss her even knowing that she is in heaven. Sometimes it is times like this that we see God in a way that would not be possible without the tragedy. Praying for great things to be done in this little boys family through this hard time.


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