Friday, June 11, 2010

Freezing Spring Onions

As the cooler weather of spring gives way to the warmer summer temperatures I know it is time to harvest any remaining spring onions. These onions are White Lisbon Bunching Onions. They were started in early spring indoors in flats and then moved to the cold frame to harden off. Then transplanted in the garden. We have eaten them fresh and in wilted salads and cooked in dishes all spring. As the spring has progressed I have also picked them when time allows and frozen them. If left to get too large they become strong. So any remaining onions I pulled today to put in the freezer. First they are cleaned and the roots and any dead foliage taken off. 

I made sure they were clean and dry and then  I chopped them to the size I like them.
And I chopped and chopped. I do not like them chopped in the food processor but prefer to rough chop them by hand.

Once chopped they were put into Ziploc bags and put in the freezer.
I do not put my onions in vacuum sealed bags because I like to be able to open the bags and take out the amount of onions I need and then be able to reseal them.  Each bag contains about 4 cups of onions.

Blessings from the Holler

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  1. Thank you for that! Blessed weekend to you, too! ♥ :)

  2. Thank You for such explicit information,I'm preparing for Christmas and I like to have all the prep finished,before the Big Day.


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