Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sadie the Wonder Dog !

Well people this has been a day for the record books! This morning I got up to get Baby O off to school and O Wise One and I started our day. He to some outside chores and I had some inside chores to tackle for the day. Both Riley and Rosie the Scottie Dogs needed a bath. Now they go to the groomer every 6 weeks but in between it is up to me to keep them in some array of cleanliness. This is always a challenge because during the summer they are constantly on our heels or mousing or rabbit hunting or mole digging or waiting for the lone chicken to get out so they can help catch it. For the last time I might add. In between bathing 2 squirmy stinky dogs I also had another 6 pounds of asparagus to blanch and put in the freezer. Sadie, O Wise One's new puppy was running around doing what puppies do and no one was really paying attention to her.

 O Wise One comes in the back door and calls me to the back laundry room. Long before I reached him I could hear Sadie the puppy howling at the top of her lungs and O Wise one saying a few choice words which I will not blog about. I walk in the room to find the freezer pushed out in the middle of the room and O Wise One lying in the middle of the floor behind it ????? 

Well folks it seems that Sadie the puppy had crawled through the small hole (maybe 3" X 3") in the back of the freezer and into the guts of the freezer back behind the motor and could not get out. We both tried to run our hands into the small opening and around the unplugged motor with no success. About this time we were having nightmares about calling the fire department to come out and cut our freezer in pieces to get our dog out. Not to mention the hours it would take to unload this freezer the size of a buick. Then we just knew it would make the front page of the local paper. Because what do they really have to write about? Come on people it is only 4 pages published once a week. Can't you see it. Us on the front page with a freezer cut in pieces by the jaws of life. With stupid looks on our face holding this really dumb dog surrounded by hundreds of pounds of melting food. By this time I am crying! O Wise One is really getting busy with the muttering of unpleasant things under his breath that we won't tell the minister about!  

But wait!!!  What is this on the other side of the freezer. A panel with 4 screws for getting to the motor for repairs.

                           OH !!!    

So you see Sadie has become Sadie the wonder dog because it is a wonder she will survive with not one but 2 of the stupidest master's on the planet!!

Stay tuned for the continuing adventures of Sadie the Wonder Dog and her plight for survival.

Meanwhile we have placed bags strategically so she can not get behind the freezer. Bet you won't see this in Better Homes and Gardens.

O Wise One and I have agreed that we are buying matching "I'm with stupid" shirts!

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The Canned Quilter


  1. Wow ... what a story!!!

    Glad your not on that front page paper!!!

    OREO's got a surprise for you ...

    Riley and Rosie check out this front page ...


  2. OMG!!! ROFL!!!!! You guys sound so much like us!!

    I could hear that muttering of not so pleasant words all the way out here!!!!!!!!!!

    Glad she is safe!!!


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