Wednesday, April 7, 2010

April Showers

Indeed Spring is here in the Central Plains. Always to bloom first in the orchard are the plum trees. The weather here is still pretty unstable with rain almost daily and threats of hail and heavy winds regularly. Some years these plums are caught in those late frosts and I usually end up with plums atleast every other year or so in general. When I do they make wonderful jam and I always make enough to last until the next plum harvest which may be several years. When they bloom they are just covered in blooms and are beautiful but you have to be careful because they are usually covered in bees.

Blessings from the Holler

The Canned Quilter


  1. Gorgeous!!!!!!! What kind of plums do you have? Do you can them and make preserves?

    I sure hope they don't get bit except by you on your biscuit!!!!

  2. Yes, I'd like to know what kind they are too. At the farm I grew up on, we had a plum that was a cross between the native wild plums and some kind of tame plum. They made the best plum jam. I noticed that I have some wild plums out in one of the back fields of this farm. I may have to keep an eye on them for jam this year!


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