Sunday, March 7, 2010

Searching For Spring

I woke up early this morning and had my usual coffee while  checking my email and blog. O Wise One and Baby Oops slept late so I decided to take the demon dogs for a walk. I have seen so many posts celebrating spring this morning that the pups and I decided to investigate this phenomenon and see if it has indeed visited the Holler. So with boots and camera we embark on our quest for this  illusive occurence. Indeed our first stop the yard where indeed we find the tips of daffodils cautiously emerging from under the melting snow under the sycamore tree. Indeed maybe this rumor is true.


We head south toward the hay fields under a gloomy and grey sky. Only yesterday the sun had come to visit briefly bringing with it the robins to feast on grubs and worms in the grass. 

Overhead the noise of a flock of snow geese flying northward in that familiar V shape. As the snow recedes they will abandon us for colder northern climates. This is a good sign.  

As the snow melts it exposes the runs where the vole and field mice move under the snow.

Rosie and Riley love this because they can find them so easily. And the soft mud makes easy digging to expose them.

Especially in the mowed trails beside the hay fields. I have seen them kill dozens at a time. It is amazing to watch them as they work together. Two mouse killing machines. this 
is very helpful on a farm where they can easily get out of control. 


We turn eastward toward one of the three ponds to find it still frozen solid.

We follow the running water in the ditches still eastward and down the hill toward the second pond.

It seems the deer have also been looking for spring. They continue to move in large herds of does already pregnant . They will break away from the herds to start dropping fawns soon.

The second pond also frozen.


Lots of activity though.
Rabbits. See the two front feet?


I thought at first this was coyote but O Wise One has decided Bobcat!


Coon prints are plentiful. Fat stores are low and they are trying to look for things to eat!

I did not see any turkey tracks which suprised me. They also move in flocks right now. The flocks will break up closer to mating season. Last year was a very cool wet spring which makes for a bad spring turkey hatch. We saw very few babies last year. 

As the vegetation gets thicker so does the snow. We decide to head back to the big yellow barn house and warmth. O Wise One has cooked us eggs and sausage and that second cup of hot coffee is smelling good about now. 

So the forests and fields shall be left to thaw at their leisure. And that rare animal that rarely ventures out into this snow will leave to return on a warmer day and again pursue the illusive Spring. Me the Canned Quilter : ) 


Blessings from the Holler


  1. I love the Scotties, they are Scotties, right?

    Spring is here although we will have a few cold snaps. I notice on the weather map, the next three nights are above freezing. Yahoo!

    I used to have a brindle scottie and I loved that girl, Callie.

  2. It looks like Spring is trying to sneak into your Holler! Great photos!

  3. Yes Gail they are indeed Scotties. They are referred to as the demon dogs but are probably the smartest dogs I have ever owned. Now that most of the kids are gone these are the object of my maternal instincts. Oh my gosh are they spoiled rotten. These are the first Scotties I have owned and probably will never own anything other than scotties now. They are truly a remarkable, intelligent and headstrong dogs. But such fun : )

  4. Looks like you had a fun walk this morning. =)

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    Let’s keep in touch,

    OREO’s Pet Parent,



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