Sunday, March 7, 2010

Look Girls We're a Movement!


I ran across the book Radical Homemakers on another blog and have ordered it. Looks like we are all part of a movement. Imagine that! I remember in the sixties and seventies everything was a movement! I remember when hip huggers came out the first time! I remember bell bottoms the first time. My favorite band to this day is CCR. O Wise One and I both had hair down to our rears. He had such beautiful ringlets. O Wise One even has a tatoo of a peace sign on his hip. He almost made it to Woodstock until he met a van full of girls. Don't ask ladies. O Wise One has not always been wise or old. Who knew : ) I am so jealous that he got to see Wolf Man Jack Live !!! This intrigues me that there is a silent movement back to the land. That I am not the only one canning beans and making quilts. I thought I was unique! I must know more of this movement. Who knows ladies maybe we can band together and take over the country. Move to the White House and raise chickens and goats. Put the Secret Service snapping beans and hoeing corn. Wow think of the room for quilt frames : )  How's that for a radical homemaker!  Anywhoo.....

Here is the link to Radical Homemakers check it out!

About the Book

Radical Homemakers uncovers a hidden revolution quietly taking hold across the United States. It is the story of pioneering men and women who are redefining feminism and the good life by adhering to simple principles of ecological sustainability, social justice, community engagement and family well-being. It explores the values, skills, motivations, accomplishments, power, challenges, joy and creative fulfillment of Americans who are endeavoring to change the world by first reclaiming control of home and hearth.


Mother Nature has shown her hand. Faced with climate change, dwindling resources, and species extinctions, most Americans understand the fundamental steps necessary to solve our global crises-drive less, consume less, increase self-reliance, buy locally, eat locally, rebuild our local communities.

In essence, the great work we face requires rekindling the home fires.

Radical Homemakers is about men and women across the U.S. who focus on home and hearth as a political and ecological act, and who have centered their lives around family and community for personal fulfillment and cultural change. It explores what domesticity looks like in an era that has benefited from feminism, where domination and oppression are cast aside and where the choice to stay home is no longer equated with mind-numbing drudgery, economic insecurity, or relentless servitude.

Radical Homemakers nationwide speak about empowerment, transformation, happiness, and casting aside the pressures of a consumer culture to live in a world where money loses its power to relationships, independent thought, and creativity. If you ever considered quitting a job to plant tomatoes, read to a child, pursue creative work, can green beans and heal the planet, this is your book.

Blessings from the Holler

The Canned Quilter


  1. Cool! Maybe making it a "movement" will get more people on board. I'm glad people are finally waking up to the good life!

  2. Who would of thought that what I have done for over thirty years is now a movement! I love it! I am going to check out this book!

  3. I always knew I was a part of something, but I had no idea what!! Now I feel special!! I "Am a part of something good"!!!!

    Just as I was wanting to learn to live on show me this great book that I will have to buy =)))

    I think I saw OWO lying in the road (with a stoned look)in Fla in the late 60's outside this mini Woodstock!! We drove by this place every Sunday between New Symrna and Vero Beach. There were boys and girls everywhere in the road!! I loved him in his tie died and his leather braided headband topped it off!! I have to say that I like his new look better!!!!

    I loved this post!! Hats off to Farmgirls everywhere!!


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