Monday, March 15, 2010

Hen Party

The Holler has indeed gone to the birds! Chickens that is !! We already had 8 hens referred to as the ladies. Well it is time for the ladies now that they are a year old and laying well to have a man around.

 So O Wise One has procured for us 39 straight run Buff Orphington chicks. I know they are so cute and fluffy and did I say cute but they will be dinners as they get older. Do not get attached. That goes for you cannedquilter. They will be butchered, other than the lucky rooster or two that will be saved as breeding stock for the ladies.  So 24 are in the brooder under a light and the others are in a large plastic bin in the house under a light. All are getting mashed up boiled aggs for extra protein and chick starter. As soon as the weather stabilizes a bit they will go into a pen outside. 

O Wise One also bought 5 turkey babies that will be here at the end of the month. We will name one Thanksgiving and one Christmas and the other 3 noodles : ) Told you the Holler was going to the birds.

Blessings from the Holler

The Canned Quilter


  1. I like the names of your turkeys! It looks like you're going to have lots of eggs soon and good home grown chicken to go with your wonderful homemade noodles!

  2. Yummy chicken n noodles!! Those Buff boys are good for the pot!!!!

    I am trying to collect enough banty eggs for the incubator and then at the end of April I am getting Buckeye Chicken eggs for the incubator. I have never had Buckeyes but I fell in love with them at a friends house where I bought my new Nubian Buck last fall. They are a heritage breed and she is a member of the society to keep them going....I forgot what it's called cause of my stuffy head! She is going to save me some fertile eggs to get me a start!! I can't wait!!

  3. We have been selling some of our ladies as we had over 100! I am so tired of eggs. LOL

  4. Rebecca I have never seen buckeye chickens. Will have to google and check them out. Peggy I can not imagine 100 ladies. I bet you are tired of eggs. My Gosh think of the noodles that would make : )

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  6. The chickens look good and healthy..I envy you them! :o(
    I want chickens so bad, butit living here with them is out of the question and I don't have the energy it would take to move, again. Ginny


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