Sunday, February 7, 2010

Mama needs a new apron!

I am such a slob in the kitchen. There is no way i can work around my kitchen without an apron. I have tried and have the stained clothing to show for it. So for years I have kept my trusty old chicken apron hanging on the peg in the kitchen. I like it because it covers me from the neck to my knees. Told ya I was a slob!  I have lots of little ginham and vintage aprons but always went for the chicken apron. After 10 years the old chicken apron is looking pretty rough. Threadbare and stained, alas it was time to make a new one.  I was going through the linen drawer the other day and came across a pair of homemade homespun curtains I had made years ago for the old house. It was a shame for this material to go to waste as they would not fit any windows in this house . So I decided this would be my new apron. I had a moment of silence for my chicken apron and then took it apart and used it as a pattern for my new apron.  Voila I have a brand new recycled apron. It doesn't have chickens but I can live with that. Think maybe I'll make a couple extras! And all is well in the kitchen again : )  

Blessings from The Holler

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  1. What a pretty apron! Does it have pockets on it too? It sounds like the chicken apron served you well ... and in the end gave you the inspiration for the new one. Have a great day!

  2. Love the apron-so pretty. My favorite ones are the ones my Mother and Grandmother used to wear-but like your chicken one they are almost worn out.

    Loved the pinto post-now thats a great idea!


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