Friday, January 15, 2010

Walnuts and Squirrels

Ten years ago O Wise One planted a walnut tree at the corner of the yard. When we moved here there weren't many trees and not long after we lost several that we did have in a tornado. I read a saying somewhere about a truly wise person planting a tree that he knows he will never sit under. I never thought it would live. O Ye of little faith : )

Well O Wise One sits at the table with a big I told you so grin on his face shelling walnuts today. First ones after 10 years. With snow on the ground there isn't a whole lot he can do. Every so often he glances out the window at the little squirrel running across the yard looking for his walnuts. I don't see a whole lot of pity there. Lol ! Coming from the south it amazes me that these nuts are so sturdy. They fall in the yard with these thick husks on them. Hubby picks them up and puts them in the driveway and runs over them with the lawnmower/4 wheeler/ tractor to get the hulls off. Then takes them and puts them in a bucket of water to wash some of the black off them. Then lays them out in the garage on an old screen door to dry. Then after they are dry on a cold winter day he brings them into the laundry room and cracks and shells them out in his spare time. From there they go into ziploc bags in the freezer and are great in banana bread, muffins, brownies and such.

When I was a child our house had a yard full of pecan trees. Every fall the kids job was to pick up pecans. My brother and I would pick up pounds and pounds of pecans after school. If a hurricane was coming my father would have to hire someone to shake the trees and pick them up before or they would become flying projectiles and we wouldn't get any that year. They would then be sold but many would go into the freezer for Mom's pecan pies and fudge for the Holidays. Never a Thanksgiving or Christmas without Mom's pecan pie or Fantasy Fudge made with marshmallow cream.

The pecan trees we have planted have not put on pecans yet. Maybe next year and if we can beat the squirrels to them. But for this year to the victor go the spoils and O Wise One is happy.

Blessings From Hickery Holler

The Canned Quilter

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