Saturday, January 23, 2010

Busy Work

What do ya do when the temps drop to 0 and the wind chill is 20 below and the snow drifts are 3 feet deep. O Wise One paces until I find him small honey do's to keep him busy. For me I crochet.

My mother used to call this busy work. Something to keep your hands busy while you sit. You know idle hands being the devils workshop and all that.  Crocheting, knitting, and embroider come to mind mostly. I was taught to do all of these, knitting being my least favorite. I am trying to brush up on my skills lately because I want to crochet a couple baby blankets for my new grandchild due in July. So what better time for that than snow days. Hubby's mother used to keep us in crocheted cotton potholders which I just loved. Since her passing mine had become pretty worn out. So the first order was new pot holders for my kitchen with the leftover thread used to make a couple cotton dishcloths to match.

 Next order was an afghan for O Wise one, he had requested one long enough to cover his long legs and feet when he sat in his recliner. I found some pretty muted green thread and completed that project pretty easily and had enough thread left over to complete a small throw for oldest daughter.

Then decided it was time to make a couple book marks to put away as small last minute gifts. Those are always helpful when you need something small in a hurry. So made 3 crocheted bookmarks that are all tucked away awaiting some future lucky owner.

So now my next project will be my baby blankets. February we will know if it is a girl or a boy and then it will be time to yarn shop. Got to keep them hands busy!

Blessings from the Holler

The Canned Quilter


  1. you have a beatiful place and some very nice wife is a crochet,,,,,,,,er?(is that a word?)she is at this very moment in the next room sewing on a quilt. ive enjoyed your blog,ill have to tell my sure she will enjoy it as well. take care,brad

  2. Lovely handi work! I especially like the bookmarks, I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my first seed order. I need to place a couple more. Great photos, your blog is interesting.


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