Monday, September 13, 2021

September Already


Another September has rolled in and I have yet to figure out where August went. It started out with having to say farewell to and old friend. Phineus the big yellow tom cat passed away quietly in is sleep of old age I assume last weekend. He was the resident mouser and the dude with the attitude and will be missed.

I continue to pick peppers, tomatoes, squash, blackberries, cucumbers, melons, basil and figs. We also have sweet potatoes yet to dig and a healthy crop of cabbage out there for winter kraut and eating fresh. My freezers are bursting at the seams. 

With 6 weeks to go until my average first frost date we scramble to get things out of the garden and into the dehydrator and canning jars. 

My days are busy but we are ever thankful for our bounty. The last of the green beans are now in jars and I hope to process my last batch of tomato sauce today and get it on to cook. The remaining tomatoes will go into the dehydrator for tomato powder. I have half a row of green beans out there drying on the bush for seeds. 

With all the jars I own can you believe I am just about out of jars. It is kind of mind blowing to believe I have that much food set aside but that is okay. I will not buy any more jars. Not at my age. I fill up the jars I have and quit. I will eat it fresh or give it away or feed it to the animals and compost piles. 

Leaves will be falling soon and it will soon be time to plant the garlic and put the garden away for the winter. I am ready for a long winter's rest! I want to get some quilting done this winter. 

That's the scoop here and hope everyone is healthy and busy like me tucking away those harvests.

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  1. So sorry to hear of your cat's passing. We have two kitties who are dear to us, and one is 15 years old. I worry about how my kids will take it when he crosses that rainbow bridge. Love the pics of your harvest and preserving! I haven't been out to my garden more than two or three times since school started back. I'm scared to think how it must be overgrown by now.

    1. Phineus was pretty old too but was a member of the family and will be missed.

  2. I am curious, what are and how do you make basil bombs, that you mentioned in a post? You have had a bounteous harvest. I am impressed, mine has done fair, but getting a bit to put away for winter.

  3. Basil bombs are chopped basil in olive oil frozen. I add them to dishes during the winter such as pastas and Italian dishes.


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