Sunday, May 31, 2020

Sunday Morning Blues and Dirt Therapy

It's Sunday morning the 31st of May, the year 2020. This morning I am up early sitting in my chair drinking my first cup of coffee. My heart is heavy for the country. I weep for the needless death of a man over $20. I weep for the loss of property for people that are being looted and burned. Especially after a nationwide shutdown because of this pandemic. How many of these businesses will never reopen. 

As usual O Wise One and I will listen to church this morning on the radio. Then we are headed to the gardens. After what seems like weeks of rain we have 5 days of sunshine in the weather forecast so we will make hay while the sun shines. The Good Lord understands. We went and picked up 2 trailer loads of mulch to apply to the beds and that must be put down. So it is a day of laying mulch and pulling weeds for us. One of my favorite sayings comes to mind "He who plants a seed beneath the sod and waits to see, believes in God."

When our hearts are heavy or we are upset that is our comfort. We dig in the dirt. This is so much more than just a little piece of land. Within these 4 fences is our pantry, our medicine cabinet, our chapel and comfort. Our gym for exercise and our playground for relaxing and playing with our dogs Even our entertainment watching our chickens forage and ducks waddle through looking for the stray slug.

As we watch sickness and then violence erupt in the outside world we instinctively draw closer to our haven from the storm. Our home, our love for each other and our faith will get us through. 

For all of you out there reading this I wish you peace this morning and may you all have a safe place of your own to find comfort. 

Blessings From The Holler

The Canned Quilter


  1. I am so happy to read your posts again. I wondered, so often, how you were doing. God bless and keep you, both, well and safe.

  2. Find myself doing the same thing. I'm grateful for the space God has given us to work with. A peaceful shelter and haven, a place removed from the storms of life to regroup and gain strength.

  3. So glad to read this and know that others feel the same way...We are all very glad that you're back, and congrats on your blog's award! Melissa in MI

  4. We feel the way you do, too. Our closest neighbor is half a mile away and we can breathe out here and feel safe from all the craziness and violence going on right now. It's so sad and my heart goes out to Mr. Floyd's family. My heart also goes out to all the business owners who have lost their businesses. How awful to make it through the pandemic and then lose your business right before you could open again.

    I am grateful for all God has given us and the safety and peace I find in the Bible. God Bless us All!


  5. Nothing like the comfort of home.


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