Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Dirt Work

O Wise One has begun hauling loads of topsoil to the property. The topsoil is being mixed with purchased mushroom compost and used to make beds and finish filling garden boxes and to patch holes and bare spots in the lawn.

The hosta are being split one by one and found a new home under the trees where they should enjoy all that shade.

We are hoping they will fill out over time as they did at the old house.  We are trying to disturb the tree roots as little as possible and only added a couple inches of dirt and planted small pieces of hosta that didn't require lots of soil. It would have been better to do this earlier but we are hoping that with plenty of water they will do fine.We still have to haul mulch to go around them. 

Leftover topsoil is being used to fill in holes (ruts) in the yard and being over seeded with grass seed I found with the garden seed in the freezer. Not sure how old it is but worth a shot and it needed to be used  out of the freezer anyway. A little layer of straw on top and now we just need to remember to water it regularly.

The ten garden beds are all full now and we want to wait a few days and let it settle before attempting to plant any vegetable seeds in it. And life goes on as we settle in. Nothing like digging in the dirt to put your mark on a new piece of property. 

I am off to find some tomato and pepper plants. It has been years since I purchased vegetable plants but it was just too hectic to raise my own this year.

It has rained constantly since we moved here but that was before my garden, watch it quit raining now because that is the way my luck rolls. I think maybe we need to look into some rain barrels just in case.

Wishing everyone out there sunshine, blue skies and lots of dirt to dig in.

Blessings from The Holler

The Canned Quilter


  1. I think those little Hasta plants will be beautiful...I also have a question...I recently purchased heirloom seeds and didn't use them all, can you freeze them and use next year? Thank you...

    1. Many seeds can be used for several years and yes I do think keeping them in the freezer helps. Some seeds such as onions I buy new every year.

  2. Im so excited for you. I have been digging in the dirt too the last few days. Only to preserve rose bushes and bulbs I love as we are moving.

  3. When I saw the title of your article on our blogroll, I thought, "I love dirt, don't you?" There is nothing like playing in the dirt. It is good for the body and soul. I hope your raised beds outperform your expectations, CQ, and you have your canner going full steam again. Enjoy!


  4. We share the same luck! :-) I often joke that I plan to do everything twice...Murphy's Law and all. I have five 80 gallon rain barrels from RainBarrelUSA (they are located about an hour from my home here in NC.) Our local extension service offered them at a discounted price last spring...and as the summer turned dry they were worth every penny spent! Good luck with the raised beds this year!


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