Friday, May 1, 2015

A Misty Mountain Morning

I love those mornings when I get up and a mist has settled on the top of the Mountain. While it makes for terrible driving it gives the place almost an eerie feeling and reminds me of the fogs down home in Louisiana rising off of the bayous and swamps. Seems like home somehow!

The remainder of my azalea shrubs are getting ready to bloom. Three bloomed a week ago and were white the remainder looking like they will be a pinky purple color. Azaleas are another reminder of my southern home. They wouldn't grow on the Missouri farm.

Look at all that bare ground where grass struggles to grow in the shade under those oaks. O Wise One and I are talking about adding some topsoil and over seeding with a more shade tolerant grass and maybe no grass at all under the trees but rather a bed of shade loving plants such as Hostas. It would probably look better than patchy grass. I have never really done much shade gardening so this should be interesting. Any of you readers have shady yards and have suggestions for plants that you have had good luck with. Luckily I have very little front yard and a big area in the back yard that is sunny for vegetables and such.

Well that's the end of another week here in Hickery Holler. Hope everyone has a safe and blessed weekend. Till next week....

Blessings from The Holler

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  1. I was so happy to see you'd started blogging again! I'd really missed seeing these updates during your move. I'm living in an apartment and quite a ways from retirement, but your blog inspires me to save for my own piece of land and live as sustainably as I can.

  2. I've always heard deer like hosta. (Maybe you'd like to attract deer.) Because we are ever wary of snakes in our rocky ridge, we like low ground covers like ajuga, which offers purple to boot and doesn't mind being run over by the mower occasionally. And trillium are blooming now in the shade.

  3. I agree with Kim. I so missed seeing posts from you! Bleeding hearts, Jacob's ladder, hostas, and ferns do very well in my shady flower bed. :)

  4. It feels like home because you are!

  5. for color impatients love shade or very little filtered sun and they mound up really nice and fill an area-although they are annuals

  6. My yard is completely in shade most of the day, and with a dog that makes trails around the perimeter the only seed that grew for us and stayed was what was called a contractors mix. I believe it was by Scotts but dont hold me to it. We seeded, watered, then layed down hay on top to prevent washing away and of course to keep the birds from eating it. Hostas around the trees, and phlox does well too.

  7. 17 years ago, I moved from Texas prairies to deep shaded Ohio.. so I learned to garden in the shade in a hurry. My favorite shade loving plants are hostas of all shapes, colors, & sizes, bleeding hearts, my very most fav of all though are the hellebores. Jack in the Pulpit is lovely as all the trilliums are though they're not real showy.. I even let poke grow in my tiny back yard sanctuary.. All I have back there is a GIANT Ash tree with a small oblong patio surrounded by shade loving plants.. Wild rose, all manner of bulbs, lovely Siberian Bugloss, Ramps
    and a few others I cant remember the names of.. Have fun.. :)


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