Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Finger Tighten Only

Saturday grandson Hank came over and helped Grandma decorate the Christmas tree. He found in the bottom of the ornament box a container of tinsel that had been in there for 20 years. Oh my Hank had never seen tinsel. This beautiful shiny silver stringy stuff that went on the tree. He insisted we had to have tinsel on our tree. Lots of it too! What the heck you are only grandmaw for a short while and they grow up so fast. Hank says we have the most beautiful tree EVER! Prettier than even batman's..... 

Grandmaw will be picking tinsel out of everything for months : )

While Hank and I decorated O Wise One packaged the frozen turkey we butchered last week. 

Lots of ground turkey, cutlets and loin

Legs for smoking too!

And O Wise One even canned the broth for me. The reason I wanted to show this is because many times I tell you when explaining canning techniques to finger tighten your jars only. If you crank down your jar lids too tight before you put them in the pressure canner then the lids will bend or kink on you.  

Now O Wise One belongs to the "Get A Bigger Hammer Club". In other words his answer to everything is tighten the heck out of it or just get a bigger hammer or wrench if that is what is necessary. So needless to say I have several jars of broth that have dented lids. They did seal anyway but I will put them in front and use them first. So be warned FINGER TIGHTEN ONLY!!

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  1. That's hilarious - we tease my dad about his fine tuning sledge hammer and his finishing chainsaw:)

  2. Well, I did not know this. I have had lids do that, but didn't know why. Thanks for the tip. LOL My hubby is kind of like that too. He used the 8 inch gas auger last year to make holes for the little bamboo sticks for our pole beans. I know my mouth about hit the ground when he came carrying that machine for such a piddling job, but I just filled in the holes and went on. LOL

  3. Great to have a laugh....I about peed myself when I read the comments 8' auger for a 1' hole and finishing chainsaw ,fine tuning sledge hammer. I can soooo relate!! Our cabin was built with a finishing chainsaw....one day he told me he was putting windows in our covered porch and scared me with the noise of the chainsaw starting and cut right into the wall and you know the windows fit just perfect. He trimmed them out looked great!
    Aren't men funny? And they tease us for using butter knives for screw drivers and wooden spoons for hammers! Too funny!

  4. Now O Wise One belongs to the "Get A Bigger Hammer Club"--- and so do most of the men I know.. M'honey included! Love the comments too! Too funny!

  5. I understand. Half the time I have to ask Hubby to loosen some jar he has tightened in the fridge.

    It's wonderful you have so much help.

    Every icicle you find will make you smile with thoughts of Hank.

  6. guys always seen to want to do that-give it an extra twist-just to make sure-lol love the icicle story-

  7. It is definitely a man thing. Even my 22 year old son will tighten the laundry detergent bottle so tight that I can't do the laundry until I get him or hubby to loosen it. At least he does some laundry :)

  8. Thanks for the broth recipe, I made it for the first time after thanks giving. I froze mine because I didn't have time to pressure can it but it turned out great. I will do it again with the other turkey I have in the freezer.


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