Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Autumn Update

Fall has definitely made an appearance here in Hickery Holler. We have thoroughly enjoyed opening the windows and the cooler temperatures of the season. The leaves are starting to turn but are not at full color yet. The mums are blooming and O Wise One is working on getting everything mowed one last time for the seasons end.

After a day or two of feeling under the weather I am back to canning again. Still putting up that cinnamon apple sauce. 

We continue to check the garden regularly for any seeds ready and continue to pick a few vegetables here and there. Turnips, green peas, tomatoes and zucchini yesterday. They make for wonderful fresh suppers. Yesterday I took out some homemade brats and we had them with sauerkraut.  We enjoy those fresh suppers knowing that very soon they will be over once that first frost hits. 

We also still are picking watermelons. What a treat to have a big bowl full of chilled watermelon every night while watching tv together. We will miss them when they are gone.

On this day the zucchini and turnips were prepared simply. I just sauteed some small pieces of bacon and onions down in olive oil and then put my sliced veggies in and sauteed them down until cooked tender. Served beside the brats and kraut and we did feast. 

We sampled small bowls of leftover applesauce and declared it wonderful. Just a little bit of cinnamon and nutmeg and still a little chunky . 

We woke up yesterday to the entire yard full of a huge flock of blackbirds. This time of year they are everywhere. Soon the geese will come in and then the eagles. This picture is of last years birds. Notice the trees were almost bare last year when they came. This year the trees are still fully leaved and just turning.

How's fall shaping up at your house? Are you still picking from your garden?

Blessings from The Holler

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  1. We still have a few long beans coming on. The green ones love this weather. And the volunteer cherry tomatoes are still on. I've been slowly ripping things out to plant the cold frames. Radishes, carrots, fennel and greens coming up.

  2. Most of our garden is gone. We do still have small amounts of squash, leaf lettuce, turnips, radish, watermelon and sweet potatoes still to dig. I want to can some of the sweet potatoes and apples(if I can find some good ones). Our apples trees were hit by a very late spring frost and the blossoms fell off.

  3. Your squash and turnips made my mouth water! ;) Our area has passed peak, a majority of the trees have shed their leaves, which makes for a beautiful ground cover.Gardens are done, we have had a few frosts already, the only thing remaining is my potatoes. Made my second batch of apple butter yesterday, gotta love that stuff as it can pass as applesauce. hehe Stop over at Nicker & Neighs to see what we are looking at outside our windows.

  4. Glad to read you are feeling better. Here in Northwest Washington we have had the wettest Fall I can remember. My garden is starting to wind down. I have a few French golden, rattle snake, and purple beans still growing. Cucumbers that don't want to stop and corn that isn't ready to pick. Plus pumpkins that are growing very slowly this year. I have lots of apples and pears still to can.

  5. Fall is coming slowly here in the Ozarks, cool nights but 70s during the day. we are getting just enough rain I think to keep the leaves green-colors just beginning to show but much later this year

  6. I picked my first ever lima beans today! I was excited. We are still getting a few tomatoes, some okra, plenty of peppers and we have yet to dig the sweet potatoes. Fall is in the air. The nights are getting down in the 40's now. It won't be long. Enjoy!



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