Saturday, September 28, 2013

Weekly Tally And Farm Update

It is indeed that time of year again. I am starting to see everyone putting out Halloween and Autumn decorations. And of course the stores already have Christmas stuff out. That just makes me so mad!  

The Apples are crisp and plentiful as are the critters wanting to eat them. They are predicting rain this weekend and O Wise One has been working on cleaning out the garden of all the finished crops. Next thing you know we will be picking up pecans and walnuts. With rain and wind in the forecast we will really have to watch the apple trees that hang heavy with fruit right now. In high winds it would be easy for them to break. O Wise One has cut some sticks and braced them up already and even though we thinned them, looking back I think we could have removed a few more. Next week apples are definitely on the canning to do list! 

The dirt roads are full of hunters these days looking for deer movements and those big bucks. Season opens in November. 

O Wise One made breakfast sausage with the rabbit trimmings from the rabbits he butchered and some ground pork. 

This will go great with those farm eggs, buttered grits and some buttermilk biscuits.

He also smoked some pork for seasoning meat. This was cut into small chunks and frozen in bags. 

This I use in those cream of potato soups and pots of beans.  The pork he purchased at a sale in town this week. 

This Weeks Tally 

11 bags frozen  pork seasoning meat
5 bags frozen rabbit/pork breakfast sausage
10 bags frozen stuffed peppers
9 pints canned sauerkraut
2 gallon bags dehydrated tomatoes

We continue to have a bowl of watermelon every night with our evening television shows. We will miss the watermelon when they are gone. The cucumbers are just about finished also. 

Still to be canned apples, potatoes, peppers and onions. 

We have started adding jars to the right side of the pantry in among the pots and such. I think we will work on reorganizing and making room for more jars this weekend. 

The left side is completely full,  all 7 16 foot shelves are full. 

As O Wise One pulls up the plants he brings in the seeds that are left on the bushes. I spent some time shelling another tray of both Jade beans and French Horticulture Bean seeds. He took a couple boxes of tomatoes to the lady that runs the small grocery in town. She works 6 days a week daylight to dark running the store and has very little time to garden so he thought to share some with her so she can put them up. She was very happy to receive them. He also has been sharing watermelons with everyone because we had so many. The lady that runs the variety store called me and was amazed at the size of hers : ) Credited it to that rabbit poop. 

The dining table has accumulated quite the collection of seeds all drying naturally under the ceiling fan. Above are dill seed, cantaloupe seed Healey's Pride, tomato Brandywine, tomato Yellow Pear, tomato Oxheart Paste, tomato Unnamed Determinate Paste, watermelon, and pepper California Wonder

One last note of business I would like questions for my Question and Answer post next week if anyone would like to contribute one. 

Well that is another week here in Hickery Holler. Hoping each of you have a safe and blessed weekend and as usual I will see you on Monday, if the good Lord is willin and the creek don't rise. 

Blessings from The Holler

The Canned Quilter


  1. I have a question.......what cut of pork did he use and how did he season/smoke it for the cut pieces you will use in beans?

    1. That was just some country ribs he caught on sale randomly while walking through the grocer

  2. I have a question! Do you make goals for your family's food and then stop when you meet them or do you keep going as extra food is never a bad thing? I go back and forth about this, but in the end, as a mother of 4 little ones, I stop when I meet my goals so I can focus more on them. Seasons of life, maybe?

    When did you start out preserving your family's food to such a degree? It's so inspiring and I hope as my kids get more handy (in a nice way), I'll have more help with it all.

  3. I have a couple questions please.
    You started a Heuglekulture bed last year, I was wondering if you used it and if you saw any difference?
    Did you reuse any of the Tattler lids in you canning this year?

    Thank you for all you do to share with us. You are an inspriation and I enjoy visiting with everyday.

    Donna in KY

    1. I'm glad someone asked about the Tattler lids, I was wondering about that too.

  4. How do you prep-winterize your garden?

    My God woman I am hungry! Reading your posts are hazardous to my waistline! ;)

  5. I do love your pantry, looks fantastic with all your jars of hard work.

  6. I was wondering if you have a specific room for all of your canned goods, pots. pans and freezers? I am fortunate that space isn't an option, but I know that some people are limited.

  7. I have a question please??? I am interested in drying fruits and vegetables. What dehydrator do you recommend? I don't need a large one. What would be the cost? I just found your blog and am enjoying spending time with you each day. You are a special lady. Husband is enjoying your recipe for biscuits.....Thank you

  8. I am so inspired by your blog that I planted my first garden last spring! I have a question for you; I have two pumpkin plants that have taken over a corner of my yard. They are huge, and healthy with lots of flowers and bees buzzin around, but not a single pumpkin grew! Any idea what I did wrong there?!

  9. Would you please share your recipe for the fermented refrigerated pickles, and O Wise One's recipe for breakfast sausage??? Thank you Love your blog, I have learned soooooo much from you.

  10. Another very interesting post! I learn so much from you and pass it on to my husband, too. I am jealous of all the canned goods you have lined up on your shelves. You are a true worker of the garden and I enjoy your blog so much!


  11. I am so glad I came across your site, you are so inspiring!!! Thanks for sharing all the wonderful recipes!!

  12. questions...(please)

    a) have you / o wise one, always had these skills - canning/gardening/etc etc? or did you just learn them as adults/after marriage?....we are short on these things, but SLOWLY learning

    b)do you compost? I have been told, that it is okay to dig down, put veg matter/sprinkle dirt/repeat, and by next yr it will be dirt. does this sound correct, or do I need to be doing something more/

    c)do you know, when food is canned/when food is dehydrated, does it retain "most" of its nutrition? (I am hoping yes, as being a newbie dehydrator, have fallen in love with it..)

    thk you

  13. oh yes..

    forgot to say,

    your foodstuffs you have put up much impresses me... I bet you / family are very much enjoying this all. you KNOW what is in your food.

  14. Do you vacume pack in jars? And if so, what system do you use?

  15. do you have a recipe for sweet red and green pepper relish?

  16. When I read your posts, I am amazed at everything you do! So I guess my question is - do you have help, besides hubby, of course? And when do you sleep??! LOL. I am in my first year of doing all this - learning skills, routine, organization methods, etc. - and I am doing it all myself while the kids are in school all day and hubby runs his business. I am constantly in awe of all you get done. Thanks for sharing it w/the rest of us! ~ Shire Girl

  17. I wonder, if you and oh wise one, ever had any idea, when you first began do develop your "good habits" "good skills", of how much you might inspire/influence/teach others? (via blog certainly, but I bet that everyone you are in contact with is inspired and gratified at your efforts/accomplishments.)

    I have only been a short time reader of your blog, and have only a few skills.. (mostly dehydrating)..
    however, I MUST say

    every time I read your blog/look at your pictures/try to understand how you have done/finished something, it truly brings a smile to my face and warmth to my heart. there is something so "nourishing" about it all, and I always go away a little happier/a little more smiley/a little more satisfied.......

  18. was just reading your section on make it yourself, and somewhere in answer you mention you live in an Underground Earth Contact Home?

    I had thought the house at top right was yours? or is that an earth contact home? it looks above ground.

    I am assuming an underground earth contact home is terrific on heating bills?
    what does it involve?

  19. Hello, I just re-read your recipe for fried green tomatoes. I have a bunch at my house, and next week we may get a freeze. Can I freeze these like you do with the breaded Okra? Thanks

    1. I honestly have never tried but I do not see why you couldn't.

  20. What a beautiful pantry!

    And an update for Old Wise One!

    Checking in.....two small salmon surf fishing off the coast of Lake Superior. Promptly fried up for breakfast with bacon and eggs. One bear sighting.....couldn't make the shot, but I'm going back at the end of the week! Wolves in numbers!! Deer stand in. :)

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