Monday, August 5, 2013

What's Going On

All is indeed well here on the farm! Yesterday was a quiet Sunday that I spent in my armchair. Reading the Sunday paper, watching what Baby O calls TV church. Clipping coupons out of the paper if there are any good ones.  Resting because I was absolutely exhausted from the weeks work! O Wise One went fishing and came home with a big bass, 2 big catfish and a carp. So today we are going to can fish. Carp mainly. I'll take plenty of pictures but will wait until I get my new computer up and running before doing the post.

On the computer has been ordered and shipped. It should be en route as we speak. Once I get it hooked up and all the programming loaded on it we should be back in business. I have an entire camera full of pictures waiting to be downloaded.

Caught up on the canning and this week I will can this fish and then  purple hull peas again. The red beans are also needing to be picked. The corn is looking good. Filled out all the way to the end of the ears and we are now just waiting for the kernels to grow and fill out. Hope we can keep the deer and coons out of it long enough to get it in the house : )


On the fall garden front the turnips and leaf lettuce are up and growing. And this week my plans are to set the pots of cabbage and broccoli starts out in the garden. As soon as the purple hull are picked those plants will be pulled and the soil amended for the next crop there which will more than likely be fall green peas.

We continue to pick cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, cabbage, broccoli, okra, squash, and zucchini regularly.Soon it will be time to dig potatoes and the onions are starting to lay over so soon they will be picked also. The peaches are starting to soften as are the plums. I continue to pick the blackberries daily to beat the birds to them. The grapes are also ripening and will need to be canned into juice  for the grandkids. 

Paula the little yellow chick is growing like a bad weed and is still in a box in the house. Her wounds are healing nicely although O Wise One thinks she will probably have bald spots on her head where the pecking wounds were so deep. She is quite the spoiled chicken though and is quite tame from all the handling and special food. She is actually bigger now than all the little chicks out with the mother hen. We think it is from the boiled egg I feed her which is just pure protein.

Hope everyone has a safe and productive week.

Blessings from The Holler

The Canned Quilter


  1. I need to stop working and find out where you live. You're gonna have plenty of food and the way things are growing we must have a bad winter ahead of us.

  2. PS: Gonna be one of those your pictures!

  3. LOVE your photos!! Are they of you and perhaps a brother? What a treasure they are!!!!

    1. Indeed they are pictures of myself and my older brother. My parents photo albums are among my most prized possessions!

  4. Family pictures are truly priceless. Your pictures are wonderful.

    Sounds like you have some VERY long days and ALOT of work ahead. This winter, after you've rested some (LOL), everything on those pantry shelves will be so appreciated.

    I just keep telling myself, after a long full day in the kitchen, that all the work now will save me cooking time in the future; we'll have nice fresh, healthy food; and during the winter I can quilt and sew all I want :).

  5. Hi CQ,

    Do you can catfish? I have never heard of it, but would be interested in trying if it is feasible.

    Also, are your red beans kidney beans?

    Looks like you are going to have another busy week. Take the time to put your feet up now and then.


    1. Love the convenience later of canning food but it sure is work in the present...

  6. We can fish too. It's one of my favorite meals. I make it into patties and dip them into Andy's mix and then fry. Yummy!!

    1. Yum! We can carp or buffalo when he happens to catch it and use it in the same way.


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