Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Monday Morning Canning

 Side shoots! Can you believe this broccoli was planted the end of May. This was from 12 plants.

High canning season is upon us. Those days when you get up before dawn and wonder what you will can today. All day long. Monday it was Broccoli side shoots and squash.

And zucchini

And okra

Squash blanched and ready to go in the freezer

Squash frozen and bagged

Final tally:

3 bags frozen squash
6 bags frozen zucchini
6 bags frozen broccoli

The okra was washed and put in the fridge to add to the next picking since it wasn't very much!

Supper! Fresh cabbage, potatoes and onions from the garden. Homemade smoked venison/pork sausage from the freezer. A little salt and pepper and olive oil.

A little sharp cheddar over the top. 

Fresh corn with cows butter and sliced cucumbers.

Tuesday's harvest....CORN! 

Blessings from The Holler

The Canned Quilter


  1. UNBELIEVABLE amount of blessings coming down on y'all!! You are faithful stewards of the land and of what the Lord has provided to you! You are a deep inspiration to many, but especially to this old gardening soul!!! Thank you so much for taking the time to share what you do!!

  2. Oh get outta here!! Had no idea that you could freeze slices and they would come out...well intact. I shredded and froze some baseball bat size squash for bread. Never in a million years did I think I could freeze slices for sauteing. The husband will be thrilled...er um ...not my favorite though. :)

    I was bemoaning our rather slow harvest here in 72 degree weather. It feels like fall in Michigan right now. However, seeing how busy you are....I'm counting my non-busy blessings! It looks like the first batch of sweet corn is ready...I'll get that put up Thursday.

    Thanks for sharing on your blog -- great information!

  3. As always you are an inspiration!

    Do you use a food processor or a slicer to get such nice uniform slices?

    I've been hand chopping peppers, onions, and tomatoes for relishes for years, but can no longer do it physically. We purchased a Kitchen Aid food processor in the hopes it would chop as advertised, but it just made mush even with the chopping blade. We haven't tried it for slicing yet. We've used our Chef's Choice slicer, in the past, for slicing cucumbers and tomatoes and it works very well, but does require a repetitive motion which stresses the shoulder joint and muscles.

    Is there any electric appliance, that you have used, that actually does chop in bite size pieces (small) instead of shredding the vegetables?

    Thank you so much for sharing and for your input.

    1. I used to have a food processor but when it dies I never replaced it. I chop by hand. I do have a mandolin slicer from Walmart that I use to slice some things like slaw. I also have a grader and a blender that I use occasionally. Mostly I chop by hand : )

  4. I love how you did your squash!

    I hope we get some this year. I replanted again (all of our plants died). It is usually too hot here for the plants to flower. I'm hoping that this later planting will yield me a fall crop, when it cools down enough for the plant to flower. Last year I had 5 zucchini plants and we only had 3 zucchini, and they were too hard to eat, even after peeling (the heat makes them as hard as rocks). If we get any kind of yield by doing a fall planting and there are actually extras then I will try freezing some like this!

    1. Welcome and I want to add that I love your blog but do not see how you grow anything in that crazy Las Vegas heat!

  5. What do you do with the coons after you trap them? I have coon problems as well

    1. O Wise One takes them just far enough on the other side of the woods that by the time they find their way back the corn is gone. He does not kill them but will wait until they set their winter fur and trap them to sell the pelts.

  6. When canning jams how long do you give it a water bath some say 20 minutes one said 15 minutes and the others said 10 minutes.
    I need a answer now the jam on on the stove


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