Friday, August 23, 2013

Caught Ya!

We have been picking up corn cobs out of the yard all week and could not figure out what was in the corn. No sign of the usual coons and deer. Until I walked out to take pictures of the garden and caught him red handed! It seems Marlowe has an appetite for sweet corn....

We also figured out what was eating the tomatoes. 

What happened to dogs eating dog food?

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  1. Mother's poodle steals green beans and will eat corn off the cob like we do (held for her of course). They had a schnauzer that adored stalks of celery. Not any of mine....Buck can pick a pea out of a bowl of stew gravy.

  2. love it my dogs are veggie crazy they will eat carrot sand there favorite zucchini I think I have a rabbits not dogs haha thanks for the post it put a smile on my face

  3. The look on the dog's face is priceless! "But mom you told me to eat healthy...."

  4. My dog will eat anything but black olives and leafy greens.

  5. We have an English sheepdog and she loves fruit and produce. Watermelon may be her favorite and we have actually had her bite into them to eat them.

  6. Make sure Marlowe doesn't eat the cob itself. My neighbors are vets and have told me a lot of dogs have died ingesting the cobs like bones. :(

  7. They are so very cute :). Marlowe's second photo shot looks like he's saying "Don't try to take this - it's mine."

    We had a Golden Retriever (Kali) years ago that would eat 5 lbs of carrots a week. She loved vegetables. The Golden's we have now (Lody and Gracee) don't like vegetables and they leave the garden alone, but the female (Gracee) likes to help herself to the apple tree :). I actually wish they did like vegetables; much less expensive than the organic dog treats.

  8. We had to fence our garden because of our dog. She steals tomatoes (green and red) and also peppers(sweet and spicy). Drives me crazy. The fence help for a short period of time until she learned she could jump it. Ugh!

  9. All of these stories are hilarious.. I love them! I never had a dog that ate my garden goodies unless I cooked them, but I had a cousin whos dog use to eat his onions.. And they say you arent supposed to feed dogs onions.. but he couldnt keep his out of them!
    Gotta love these creatures God gave us! ♥

    Adorable pooches btw.. I love animals but Im allergic to dander.. sigh..

  10. Love it! "Awww, come on Mom, it just tastes so darn good."

  11. How sweet are those faces????

    I would hand them corn for that look.

  12. Our black lab loves tomatoes too. But the electric fence we put up for the deer has kept him out! He eats our cobs after we cut the corn off too. We don't grow our corn at our house, so he's never had a chance to pull an ear off.

    Gotta love those dogs!

  13. LOVE IT and Pinned it!
    I'm in awe of your great farming and the non-stop work you do with storing and preserving your harvest. What a wonderful way to enjoy your land and health!
    Cheers from Oshawa Ontario.


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