Saturday, August 10, 2013

A Quiet Saturday Evening

It has been a  busy week here at Hickery Holler! A new computer that I haven't even really had time to play with yet. Lots of canning and freezing and lots yet to do. The evenings here have dropped to the 60's lately and we are wondering if there will be an early fall. Cooler temperatures have presented quite the challenge getting those heat loving crops to bear and ripen. We have two rows of okra and probably haven't picked 2 cups. They seem to languish in the cooler temperatures. June blackberries in August and my spring cabbage is just now heading up.  We are not quite sure what happened to summer. It seems to have briefly visited and moved on.

Yes I am just now harvesting broccoli and continue to freeze it regularly.

The tomatoes are coming on with a vengeance and we are hoping to get as many ripe as possible before that first frost but it may be close..

O Wise One continues to enjoy his Sunday fishing trips and our supply of fish fillets in the freezer is multiplying!

As for me I have my hands full with peaches, 3 buckets of red beans to be shelled and a drawer full of zucchini, yellow squash and onions.

So I will set these posts to automatically post and see everyone on Monday.

Have a safe and restful weekend.

Blessings from The Holler

The Canned Quilter


  1. What a bounty of beautiful food!!

    My husband ran into an oldtimer (above 80) the other day and he said it was going to be an early Fall our way, also. Our plums are ripening about a month ahead of time and this morning it was 49 degrees when we got up.

    Have a restful Sunday and enjoy.

  2. What a bountiful harvest! I think it's wonderful! Twyla

  3. Down to 60! You are lucky indeed, we are usually lucky to have a few 60 degree nights during the entire summer, most are 50 :) Things are early here because we have had some dry and warm weather. 5 gallons of "wild" blackberries already in the freezer, normally they won't ripen until Labor Day.

    Gorgeous canning!

    1. It's amazing the differences in different parts of the nation! If I were in Louisiana I would celebrate a 70 degree night as opposed to 85 and 90 : ) It's all in what you are used to! It was hard for me at first to understand your need for a hoop house until I read your blog far awhile.


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