Saturday, July 27, 2013

Saturday Morning

Good morning from Hickery Holler Farm. It's a beautiful Saturday morning here! It seems that we get a break from those sweltering summer days with temperatures only in the 70's today. Tonight's low in the 50's. As I sit and drink my coffee I already have 12 pint jars sitting on the stove heating and lids in a small pot beside them warming. I hear chicks peeping in the background from the next room. The old hen has 11 little chicks nestled beneath her out in the barn and we have 8 so far in the incubator. As soon as they dry off they will be placed under the hen also. She will definitely have a full nest but she can handle it. She can raise those little guys much better than we ever could!

I have 12 jars of new potatoes washed and drying on the kitchen table waiting to be labeled and put in the pantry. I also have a big bowl of chopped cucumbers and onions that have been soaking in salt all night. As soon as I finish this I will start cooking my relish. For all of you waiting for recipes I will post them this afternoon. Just a word of warning that they will not have pictures but just recipes. Until I get my new computer I have no way of downloading my pictures. I do not want to load all my photo programs and such to Baby O's little laptop and bog it down. I'll post the recipes and once I get everything up and running again I will have to come back and add the pictures. I'm taking plenty as always though.

My plans for this evening is to take advantage of this cooler weather pattern and plant my fall turnips.

I look forward to a Sunday day of rest. Next week I will have another week of canning blackberries and more beans. Okra , squash and more beans and possibly corn. Tis the season!

What have you canned this week?

Blessings from The Holler

The Canned Quilter


  1. What have I done this week? Three gallons of fermented pickles, several gallons of frozen raspberries, a couple of pints of green beans, *gallons* of shelling peas, nine loaves of zucchini bread to freeze, and today I am going to try to get some Cynlindra beets pickled. I have a full-time job so I don't get quite as much done as you do, but you inspire me! (I do work from home, so I have a little bit of flexibility.) Thank you!

    1. Wow I am impressed that you work and can that much! Do you grow your own?

  2. As always, your post is inspirational. Everyday, I enjoy reading what you are doing and it inspires me to do more. Thank You!

    I haven't started canning yet, as we are just getting some ripe tomatoes and
    green beans in our colder climate of Wyoming. We did pick 6 gallons of currants
    and we (my husband and myself) are stemming them and cooking them down today. I will actually freeze the juice/pulp, once sieved, for later jelly making. I froze our Nanking cherry juice (4 quarts) last week.

    I've been drying herbs and getting all of my canning supplies washed up and ready to go.
    Right now, I'm in an autoimmune flare-up, so am trying to work as much as possible and do the things to prepare for when I feel better and can get to the actual canning.
    Next week, hopefully, I will be able to do the Piccallili and the Green Tomato Salsa.
    Can't have cow peas and rice on New Year's Day without piccallili; at least if your mother was from South Carolina (LOL).

    Have a wonderful day of rest and, again, thank you.

    1. What ag zone is Wyoming in? I guess I didn't realize that yo were that much colder than us : )

    2. We're in Zone 4, although I have a Stanley Plum tree that produces great and it's suppose to be zone 5 :). The weather has changed alot over the past thirty-four years here. We usually don't have snow and hail any longer the first week of June. It's been about six years since we had a serious snow in May. Those were the heavy wet snows that melt the next day.

  3. You are such a busy woman and an inspiration to me. I work part time and I can only dream of canning as much as you do. I can't wait to read your recipes!

    1. My readers tend to give me WAY TOO MUCH credit and flatter me too much but I love you ALL : )


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